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In the morning of September 28, 2015, Vietnam Railways Corporation (VNR) and Hanoi Telecommunication Corporation (Hanoi Telecom) signed a cooperation memorandum to develop online utility services, social networks and websites, called Railway Box.


Railway Box with 7 main functions includes: by ordering on board, passengers use mobile devices to order food, drinks and souvenir gifts with services team on board, including to call ordering special food at the train station on the journey.


View of the signing ceremony


In addition, the flexible shopping features. Passengers can purchase special products at regions along railway; media utility service onboard provides online media applications to serve passengers, such as watching movies, reading newspapers, listening to music, playing games; tourism service package, like traveling tour and hotel bookings, taxi services for passengers. Passengers can conveniently purchase tickets and get payment by via mobile phone or payment directly with operator; providing information and promoting products will send passengers information about culture, tourism, cuisine, beauty landscape through whole trip; VNR’s policies and information serve to passengers; trip information will provided about realistic and specific departure, arrival time as well for both passengers and relatives.

railwaybox_ ông Vũ Tá Tùng

Vu Tung gave a speech at the ceremony


At the MOU signing ceremony, Mr. Vu Ta Tung - CEO of VNR said that rail industry is endeavouring to offer many utilities, new services to customers. "We are calling for capable socialized investors to develop more convenient products to serve customers as well as possible. I hope that Railwaybox will be introduced to customers in the soonest time, achieving competitive goals, on the basis of equal partnership and mutually benefit "- Mr. Tung stressed.

railwaybox_ bà Trịnh Minh Châu

Mrs.Trinh Minh Chau - CEO Hanoi Telecom hopes that cooperation between two corporations will succeed


Mrs.Trinh Minh Chau, CEO Hanoi Telecom commits that Hanoi Telecom will try its best to complete Railwaybox soon, reaching the highest quality. “ VNR has had a lot of potentialities to develop and to get more opportunities in the future”- Mrs. Chau affirmed 

railwaybox_ Đại diện HTC giới thiệu

Hanoi Telecom representative introduce Railwaybox functions


Railwaybox is expected to divide into 2 stages. The first Stage from now until January 1st, 2016, both of sides research, set up and develop system together and in the begin of 2016 will put into operation in practical with three functions: ordering onboard, flexible shopping and product promotion. From January 1st, 2016 to the end of February 2016 will put into use the rest of functions.

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