Hanoi Telecom (HTC) has permitted to supply VOIP services in the earliest time and develop the best its volume in Vietnam. We connect directly all mobile phone and landline  networks through stable infrastructure  and flexible business strategy with worldwide prestige partners.

Hanoi Telecom slogan to bring customers the best facilities with the most suitable prices. HTC uses VOIP system based on advanced technology from prestige solution suppliers such as Cisco, Sun Micro system.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows voice transmission using IP network protocol, based on the existing of Internet infrastructure, At present, VoIP is one of the most interest telecommunications not only operators, manufacturers, but also service users.

VoIP can both make all calls from public switched telephone network (PSTN) and data transmission based on data transmission network. Due to advantages of service cost and integrated services, now VoIP has developed extensively. VoIP is Internet protocol (IP) applications service, VoIP principles include voice signals digitizing, compresses digital signal, splits the packages if necessary and transmits its packets on network. Packets are reassembled orderly in destination, decode signals similarly to recover the original voice. VoIP calls based on combination of the circuit-switched and packet-switched. Each switch includes its own advantages and disadvantages. In circuit-switched techniques dedicated to the two terminals through intermediate switching nodes. In transmission speed circuit-switched always fix (i.e, constant bandwidth), in which PSTN speed is 64kbps, circuit-switched transmission has small latency. In packet switching, newsletter is divided into small packets called packages, its operating principle uses storage system and forward the packets in the network node.

To packet switching, concept of separate channel does not exist, non fixed bandwidth can change transmission speed. Packet switching technique is effected big latency because packet switching has not specified time from each packet to destination. Each package can go by many different lines to destination. Packet-switching is suitable for data transmission in which does not require real-time  such as voice. To take advantage of the above mentioned switches, VoIP combined both circuit-switched and packet-switched. With highly qualified technical and fully responsibility staff, HTC commits 24/7 customers support.

Outbound International VoIP: International VoIP 172 is international saving call, quality assurance,  uses for mobile and fixed subscribers easily from different providers.  Low cost from 10% to 22% compared with  IDD (international direct dialing) method global network. Communication charges calculated on call length, it is independent to geographic location. 24/7 support. To access services points easily through telephone and mobile card providers.

Inbound International VoIP:  Allows to telecommunication service providers abroad transfer international voice  to Vietnam via IP transmission line to landline and mobile subscribers under telecommunication services providers in Vietnam.

Overseas Vietnamese call back Vietnam from abroad isin large demand plus to low costmaking inboundVoIP service has outstanding developments.

VoIP with cheap price, fast connection, high quality, check call details and incurred charges through website easily.  It is not necessary to change customers' existing infrastructure.  It also prevents anti- eavesdropping as well as stealingtelephone charges. To use value-added services. wide network with connection to alltelecommunications service providers in Vietnam with 24/7 support:professional technical team, implement time savings, 24/7 monitoring support.



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