Hanoi Telecom continues the journey of digital transformatic

Digital transformation is not only pure technology but has 3 important components: transforming business models, transforming technology infrastructure and transforming people. Different ways of doing strategy of business goals, in digital transformation strategy, business and technology must go in parallel. All business goals set out must be validated from technology forces and digitally converted to the viability of the goals.

Hanoi Telecom owns 8 member units: Vietnamobile, HTC-ITC, HTE, VNCS, ICOMM, 868, NMS, VRTECH are all well-known companies in the field of telecommunications – information technology. In terms of human transformation, Hanoi Telecom has exploited and used human resource management applications for each department with the purpose of convenient daily work, from which the ultimate goal is to help increase cohesion. internal results and reduce the rate of resignation. Hanoi Telecom’s leaders said that investing in people is the most solid and long-term investment strategy.

Accordingly, all members of all levels in Hanoi Telecom participate in direct support for the digital transformation journey. From the highest level being the leaders of member companies, Hanoi Telecom wants to support and support in any way from policy side to sending resources to directly join the group. From management to employees will also need to be involved, and digital transformation will also directly affect the individual’s work. With the support of the digital transformation industry of the entire corporation, we hope that each employee will have a willingness and effort with Hanoi Telecom to participate drastically in implementing the successful digital transformation.

Besides, the government continues the policy of digital transformation – a revolution of the entire population of the government. Hanoi Telecom, with its pilot commune, has been assigned the responsibility of supporting to Thai Nguyen province by the Ministry of Information and Communications. Currently, Hanoi Telecom has completed the investment in fiber optic infrastructure in some areas in Sang Moc commune, Vo Nhai district. Specifically, at Tien Son Primary and Secondary School today, Internet is officially available to use. Villages of Na Ca, Phu Coc, Khuoi Meo and other areas will be covered with Internet connection in the near future. These are the first foundation bricks to help promote the digital transformation process from the locality.

Previously, in September 2020, the delegation of Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Corporation and experts from the Information Technology Department – Ministry of Information and Communication, Department of Information and Communications of Thai Binh province went to the headquarters of Hong Thai commune, district. Kien Xuong, Thai Binh Province launched the commune-level “Digital Transformation” program. In the era of Internet booming today, Digital Transformation is becoming popular, applying technology to all aspects of the government apparatus to help radically change the way of organizing and increasing efficiency. effectiveness of cooperation, optimize working efficiency and bring values ​​to the working apparatus in communes and wards. Understanding that, Hanoi Telecom has always been a pioneer in supporting and promoting the use of digital transformation to communes and wards in need of improving management apparatus. Hanoi Telecom handed over the supporting gift package to the representative of the People’s Committee of Hong Thai commune, including: Computer and content exchange will be supported after the launch program. In order to support Thai Binh people to get closer to digital technology, Hanoi Telecom’s experts have provided training for cooperatives and households on e-commerce floors and how to put products on the trading floor. electronic.

Hanoi Telecom organizes blood donation day “RED FRIDAY”
Hanoi Telecom organizes blood donation day “RED FRIDAY”

April 7, 2023 at TW Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Company has cooperated with the institute to organize the blood donation day program “RED FRIDAY”. This is an annual activity maintained by Hanoi Telecom with the motto “Every drop of blood given – A life stays” Donating blood does not […]

Challenge Yourself – Ready to break through yourself
Challenge Yourself – Ready to break through yourself

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Hanoi Telecom appoints Ms. Hoang Phuong Mai as Operations Director
Hanoi Telecom appoints Ms. Hoang Phuong Mai as Operations Director

This morning, February 21, 2023, Assoc. Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang – Chairman of Hanoi Telecom handed over the decision to appoint the Operations Director   to Ms. Hoang Phuong Mai. Attending the ceremony, there was the presence of Assoc. Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang – Chairman of Hanoi Telecom; Mdm. Trinh Minh Chau – General Director of […]