Announcement Logo 20 years Hanoi Telecom

Dear Customers and Partners,

Hanoi Telecom Corporation (Hanoi Telecom) would like to thank the trust and cooperation of our customers and partners in recent years. Over nearly 20 years of operation, Hanoi Telecom has made strong and steady steps. To celebrate a great milestone, marking the 20-year journey of establishment and development, the company is pleased to announce that it will change its new identity logo from January 1, 2021.

The meaning of the new Logo:

The dot in the letter “i” is connected to the zero by a curved horizontal trajectory soaring to connect the year anniversary with the brand name. Carrying metaphorical meaning from a small, exaggerated circle to a giant circle expressing the journey of founding, cultivating, developing and thriving. The number “0” is stylized with the image of the earth, representing a Hanoi Telecom of 20 years of growth to reach the world.

We are pleased to announce and wish customers and partners more success in their business activities.

Hanoi Telecom

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