Hanoi Telecom Corporation
Hanoi Telecom Group was established on the 2nd of May 2001, with a charter capital of approximately 1,600 billion VND. With the consent of the Prime Minister, Hanoi Telecom is one of the four major carriers in Vietnam that are fully licensed by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, now the Ministry of Information and Communication, to establish networks and provide telecommunication services of fixed, mobile, Internet, VOIP, telephone long distance domestic and international.
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Member companies
Hanoi Telecom operates under the model of an Economic Group with more than ten member companies - more than 5,000 employees and nationwide telecommunications infrastructure.
Key investment projects: Real Estate, Resort, Office for lease, and Complex Service Area.
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Provide optimal solutions for the customer group is the state-owned enterprises, small and medium enterprises in the areas of: Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Education.