Transmission Services


It is an Internet connection service with separate national / domestic connection sewers for customers with high service quality requirements. This is the highest product line among the 3 popular forms of access today:

ADSL – FTTH – Internet Leased Line
Allows the application of technologies such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Conference (Video Conferencing), Internet phone (IP Phone) and remote access by computers via Dial-up.

– Leased line is one of the strong services of Hanoi Telecom, providing transmission lines for companies or offices wishing to use high-speed Internet on a regular basis.
– The strength of the Leased-line service is its flexibility, stability, and connection to every location requested by the customer.
Scope and target customers provide:
Target users of this service are large enterprises and organizations that need a private high-speed, stable transmission line with the best quality and technical support.

Advantage of Leased-line service:

Maximize the connection speed and connection time

Using the Leased line service, customers can access the Internet 24/24 through a separate digital transmission line, thus eliminating the need to subscribe to dozens of phone lines for Internet connection. Moreover, customers will not have to waste time waiting for dial-up connection to service provider, unlimited Internet usage time.

Cost savings

The monthly charges are strictly managed, with no extra charges, and it will be easier to upgrade to a higher speed or change the system configuration because there is no need to invest in new equipment.

Applying technologies

Application of technologies such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Conference (Video Conferencing), Internet telephony (IP Phone) becomes easier and more convenient. Self-updating and control of information on their Website.

International port connection

Collection and synthesis of global information, communications efficiency and cost savings.

Remote access

Can allow remote access clients via Dial-up.

Technical assistance

Direct technical support 24/24.

Conditions of use:

  • LAN.
  • Internet server.
  • Router (Router).
  • High speed modem (NTU, HTU) – deployed on copper cable infrastructure.
  • Fmux, High Speed Modem with Optical Interface – deployed on fiber optic infrastructure.


FTTH service is a super speed Internet access service based on fiber optic technology. With this service, the needs of data transmission, high-speed access with broadband can be met perfectly, with the most reasonable cost.


Download sharing bandwidth by upload. Access speed is higher than ADSL. Data transmission, high-speed Internet access, deployment of applications for businesses…. with broadband can be met perfectly with the most reasonable cost. Customer can grant permissions to allow members to access the organization’s LAN to exploit the service.

Comparison of ADSL copper cable Internet access and FTTH fiber-optic Internet

  • Use light
  • Download / Upload equally. Up to 100Mbps
  • High stability due to less environmental influence
  • Ability to transmit signals for long distances, up to 10 km
  • Wired and wireless combination is possible
  • Services such as IP phone, IPTV, VOD, television, data transmission can be combined
  • Uses electrical signals to transmit signals
  • Download / Upload speeds (max 24 Mbps / 1Mbps) are not equal
  • Affected by the environment
  • The longer the distance, the slower the speed and unstable, usually only guaranteed <1.5 km


Target users are businesses, organizations, game rooms, and Internet access points that need a stable and high-speed transmission line in Vietnam.


  • Apartments / urban areas.
  • Big hotels, banks.
  • Ministries, departments, provincial people’s committees.
  • Industry zones.
  • International organizations, representative offices.
  • Businesses
  • Game shops, Internet access points.

FTTH fee: Please contact 024.3572.9833 for detailed advice.

Transmission service is developed and operated by HTC-ITC – a member unit of Hanoi Telecom.

Contact immediately to [email protected] to receive advice and detailed information.