Voice Services


Outbound international IP voice service International IP voice service 172 is an international calling service with high quality and guaranteed quality, and easy-to-use international calling service for mobile and fixed line subscribers of different service providers.






Low cost

Save 10-22% compared to IDD direct call method.

Wide coverage


Communication fee

Calculated according to contact time, regardless of geographical location.

24/7 Support

Easy access to the service via scratch cards at card locations.


To allow foreign telecommunication service providers to transfer international voice traffic to Vietnam via IP transmission to fixed and mobile network subscribers of telecommunication service providers in Vietnam. The demand of overseas Vietnamese to call Vietnam from abroad is very great, combined with low cost, the return VoIP service has made great progress.

Cheap price, fast connection, and good quality. Easily track call details and arising charges through the website. There is no need to change the customer’s existing infrastructure. Charges cannot be heard and stolen like traditional phone. Can use many value-added services

Connecting to all telecommunication service providers in Vietnam

Professional technical support team, saving deployment time, 24/7 monitoring support.


A service providing transmission channels used to connect and transmit information in the internal network, private telecommunications network from domestic branches to overseas offices around the world by way of point-to-point connection and point – multipoint connection.
Benefits of using international internet leased line service (IPLC):
  • The transmission line is fixed and reserved so the speed is guaranteed 24 / 24h and the security is highest due to no need to share the transmission line;
  • The monthly charges are strictly managed, with no extra charges, and it will be easier to upgrade to a higher speed or change the system configuration because there is no need to invest in new equipment.
  • Quality assurance, the best redundancy with fiber transmission and the backbone network structure ensures high redundancy in connection with terrestrial and marine outbound international fiber networks.
  • International port connection: Collection and synthesis of global information, communications efficiency and cost savings.
  • Application of technologies such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Conference (Video Conferencing), Internet telephony (IP Phone) becomes easier and more convenient. Self-updating and control of information on their Website.
  • Depending on the needs of customers, the speed can meet nx64Kb / s, E1, DS3, 155Mb / s, nxSTM1.
  • Real-time transmission, with no delay
  • With fiber optic network covering all districts nationwide with high return structure and extensive international fiber optic network, customers using domestic or international leased channels will be guaranteed the best quality and provisioning level.

International services are developed and operated by HTC-ITC – a member unit of Hanoi Telecom.

Contact immediately to [email protected] to receive advice and detailed information.