Connecting Tutors

With the desire to bring the best experience of prestigious high-quality tutoring services in Hanoi and the whole country, Connecting Tutors Center is a gathering place for a large number of teachers and tutors from universities. Top school, experienced at all levels: Primary school,  Junior High school, High school. In addition to being teachers and tutors of knowledge, they are also the ones who inspire students to have inspiration in learning and thinking in life.

Tutor Connection Center specializes in providing:
Tutor for Primary school: providing tutors for primary and pre-primary children, Math – Vietnamese, English… and gifted subjects from grade 1 to grade 5.
– Help children master the numbers and the alphabet, compound rhymes.
– Help them have abundant foreign languages, especially English, Japanese, Korean… as the foundation for the learning process at the lower secondary level.
• Tutor for Junior High school: Tutor for all subjects: Maths – Physics – Chemistry – Literature – History – Geography – Foreign languages ​​(English, Korean, Japanese…) and gifted subjects for students in grades 6 through 9 and students preparing for the 10th grade exam, taking the entrance exam to specialized schools such as Amsterdam, Luong The Vinh, specializing in Pedagogy, and specializing in Nature… in Hanoi.
• Tutor for High school: Tutoring all subjects of Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry – Literature – Biology – History – Geography – Informatics – Foreign languages ​… and gifted subjects for students. Exam preparation for excellent students, Olympic exams, problem solving, University exam preparation…

* Teacher / Tutor of TOP School
The team of student tutors are students from Hanoi National University of Education, University of Foreign Languages, Foreign Trade University, University of Foreign Languages ​​- Hanoi National University… enthusiastic teaching. We provide a team of teachers with good communication skills, currently teaching at Primary, Secondary and High Schools such as Chu Van An, Luong The Vinh, Amsterdam and universities and colleges in the city. Hanoi street.

* Inspiring Teachers / Tutors
Inspiring students to learn is the top goal of our teaching method. Teachers and tutors not only teach well, have good expertise, and communicate easily. Above all, a tutor needs to be psychological, understand his students and be creative in teaching methods suitable for each student to bring inspiration to students.

* Commitment to quality service
– Parents do not have to pay any costs.
– Parents / Tutors can take a trial lesson. If parents are not satisfied with the quality of the tutor’s teaching, they can request another tutor completely free of charge.
– Students are given an input knowledge test to be able to evaluate and choose an appropriate teaching method.
– For students who are weak, poor, or have lost their roots: the tutor will systematize the knowledge from the beginning. For good and good students, they will often be exposed to mock exams (especially those at the end of high school).

* Tutors choose the right class on the website –
Applying an advanced and modern technology platform that allows tutors / teachers to automatically fill in registration forms to be tutors:

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– Tutors/teachers automatically select classes on the website:

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– Parents automatically fill in the registration form to find a tutor, note according to individual requirements:

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The center will support to match classes for parents and tutors until parents find a tutor they like.