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Tower Floor 36 Pham Hung

Evaluate the impact of the project on socio-economic development

  • Step by step realizing the policy of the People’s Committee of Hanoi on completing synchronous infrastructure as well as landscape architectural space of existing residential areas.
  • In order to completely synchronize the spatial organization, landscape architecture and technical infrastructure of the area, to meet the requirements of environmental sanitation and sustainable development.
  • Creating the appearance of a spacious and modern urban architecture, contributing to the general architectural landscape in the process of socio-economic development of the area of ​​Nam Tu Liem and Cau Giay districts.
  • Using and exploiting the land fund reasonably, increasing the value of land use; Facilitate the development of jobs for a part of people in the investment and implementation process of the project.
  • Training and employment opportunities: During construction and operation, the project will provide jobs for many local workers. Employees will receive training and training, thereby contributing to improving their knowledge level, increasing people’s knowledge, reducing unemployment, and gradually changing the local labor structure from agriculture to service provision.
  • In terms of technical infrastructure, creating a synchronous technical support network to meet not only the needs of the land but also provide additional support for neighboring areas.
  • The project is also implemented as a legal basis to strengthen land management, fight encroachment, reduce bare and fallow land, increase land use value.
  • The implemented project will create a complete and synchronous urban functional area. Contributing project is the point to attract domestic and foreign investors to participate, attract capital sources to participate in construction investment.

The economic efficiency of the project:

  • Contribution to the local budget from the business and exploitation efficiency of the project, from corporate income tax, VAT and land use levy.
  • Generate revenue from service and housing business to balance investment efficiency.
  • Exploit and use effectively the land fund, improve the value of land use.
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