Cloud Services

Cloud WIFI solution with great load

With the growth and increasing number of wireless devices in homes, chains of restaurants, cafes, and businesses, the congestion of WIFI networks is getting worse. To solve that situation, Cloud WIFI system was born as a smart technology solution to ensure the quality and number of users unlimited.

Cloud Wifi can be deployed in any chain of stores / businesses anywhere while ensuring brand consistency in many different cities, and easily managed remotely via Cloud system.

Status of users using wifi

  • Frequently overloaded causing slowdowns or failure to login.
  • Wifi waves have many weak spots.
  • Every time the device breaks down or malfunctions, it must be replaced or reset affecting the large number of people accessing.
  • People from other places always have to ask for the password. There is no convenient guest access.



  • The controller is in the cloud and isn’t a device you have to manage in your data center. Another man managed it and kept it running 24/7.
  • Unlimited system scalability
  • Updating the firmware is not your responsibility, because you do not own the controller. Someone else will update the firmware. You won’t have to do anything.
  • If you have distributed placements, all possible placements have the same configuration and are pushed to the locations quickly. It’s all done from one interface.
  • Limit user access time.
  • Limit bandwidth, internet access speed, limit total data usage, integrate billing and authentication
  • Statistics of real-time user information.
  • Track current performance, number of users, traffic and usage.
  • Use reporting and analytics for user management and troubleshooting.

Cloud Wifi will be the best solution for all types of business to serve customers with the need for wifi connection and stable wifi quality in many locations.

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