Currently, warehouses are not only a place to store goods but also an important factor affecting flexibility in logistics operations at businesses. The logistics and warehouse supply chain is a complex process, requiring close coordination between stages. Businesses, whether large or small, need professional warehousing services to ensure a smooth business.

The importance of warehousing in logistics

Warehouse service is an extremely important factor in the process of domestic and international transportation, this is an important issue in logistics. Warehouse operations can directly affect the storage and management of goods of goods trading units. Therefore, in logistics, good warehouse management will certainly bring many benefits to businesses such as:

  • Minimize costs of production, transport, distribution of goods, more profitable units by cutting unnecessary fees.
  • Warehouse services help businesses proactively arrange, transport and distribute shipments of the same size and same route. This contributes significantly to reducing the cost per unit of product.
  • Maintain a stable supply of goods. Thanks to the warehouse service, the goods will always be available in stock.
  • Customer service is better because the products and goods meet the correct requirements in terms of quantity and quality.
  • The company is ready to deliver any time customers need quickly. Contribute to helping businesses create a reputation when delivering on time and place.
  • Perfect warehouse service makes a difference and increases the competitive position of businesses in the market.

Why should you choose warehouse services at Hanoi Telecom?





  • 8000m2 of warehouse space in 3 major cities
  • 200+ transaction offices in over 60 provinces and cities
  • ISO 9000
  • Specialized air-conditioning system
  • Online management system
  • Customer is number one
  • Fast approval process
  • A clear contact
  • Employees> 10 years of experience
  • One customer care worker for each customer
  • Peak, overtime

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