Data Center

Green Data Center (EcoDC) is built on land lot E4 – Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park of HTC with an area of 4.47 hectares for the purpose of building telecommunications and information technology infrastructure, under a green campus and The 14 hectare lake that HTC is assigned to manage. EcoDC will be officially opened in April 2021, with a floor area of 3,000 m2, 5 floors. Stage 1 is ready with 150 racks; stage 2 is 750 racks. By 2023, HTC-ITC will have 4 DCs with a total rack of more than 3,000; located in major cities such as Hanoi (2), Ho Chi Minh City (1), Da Nang (1).

EcoDC is invested to meet the most modern standards of Data Center construction, as follows:

The first and only TCDD Uptime Tier 3 (approaching Tier 4) certificate in Vietnam The first and only TCCF Uptime Tier 3 (approaching Tier 4) certificate in Vietnam ISO 27001-2013 ISO 9001-2015 Using In-Row Cooling system to save energy, the index PUE = <1.44 Using DCIM centralized management system to help supervise the entire DC equipment system


Data Center Infrastructure: Investment and installation of modern equipment, built according to Tier 3 standards. Due to the world’s leading data center firms consulting on solutions, providing installation and deployment as : EMERSON, SHNEIDER, ADC, AMP, and EKORACK etc.

  • Floor load: 1000 kg / m2
  • Lift capacity: 1150 kg (cargo lift) / 650 kg (passenger lift)
  • Raised floor: Alloy floor, 20 cm high (because using in-row cooling system instead of central air conditioning), 1000 kg / m2
  • Power grid: Power grid from 1500 kVA transformer stations
  • Generator: 2 stand-by 1850 kVA / 1480 kW (Continuous output 1775 kVA / 1480 hp) (1 + 1) (1 Generator can run for 36 hours)
  • UPS: 15 minutes @ 100% load (1 + 1)
  • Lightning Protection and Grounding: TVSS, Ground resistance <1 Ω
  • Cooling system (cooling system): The air conditioning system is designed and installed for each row of rack (Hot air is stored in the isolation chamber to increase cooling efficiency), protecting N + 1 air conditioner failure for per POD
  • Unified whole infrastructure management system: DCIM – Supervises and manages all DC infrastructure on a common system, synchronous with manufacturers.
  • Fire alarm: FM200. VESDA system
  • Access monitoring: DCIM system with security camera, access management system using fingerprint, magnetic card, 24/7 protection.
  • Network cable & cabinet racks: 42U rack, standard TIA-942
  • Lighting system: 1700 lumens / m2

Domain: international and Vietnamese domain name solutions.

Web Hosting: web hosting solution to meet the needs of product advertising, providing online services, and online forums on server systems using Windows and Linux operating systems with popular applications such as IIS, Apache, and MySQL.

Virtual private server – Virtual private server (VPS): a solution that provides virtual servers at a low cost but still meets the same requirements as a normal server. Virtual server features:

  • High speed Internet connection
  • Provide static IP
  • Remote administration
  • Windows or Linux operating system. etc.
  • Application for setting up Mail server, Web server, FTP server, and data storage. etc

CoLocation: a solution that provides infrastructure that allows individuals, companies, businesses or organizations to set up dedicated server systems.

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