Call Center

BPO Services

Our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services aimed at providing packaged services for Customer Care & Helpdesk (over voice, chat, email), data processing and digitalization.

Being a well-known-on-quality BPO provider in Vietnam, NMS has established BPO centers in 3 branches nationwide (2 in Hanoi and 1 in HCMC) to provide the following services:

Data Entry Service

NMS has been providing Data Entry Service to support our customers to get information into the specified templates or required systems.

The data can be in any kind of format from PDF, JPEG, WORDs, Excel or others.

With our well-trained and skillful staffs and suitable software developed for specific partners as requirements, we help our partners to improve operational efficiencies and reduce operational cost.

Our services are included but not limited to:

  • Keying (online, from paper, image)
  • Data collection, extraction
  • Review for completion

Contact Center Service

  • Inbound Contact Center Outsourcing
  • Outbound Tele-sales/Telesurvey/Telemarketing (Telecom, Real Estate, Insurance, Education, Hospitality)