Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang promised to donate the land to grow grapes under the V.LUNA project on the occasion

On March 8 of this year, as the President of Hanoi Telecom and the President of VASA, I wish the sisters of Hanoi Telecom Corporation always healthy, beautiful, happy and very successful in their assigned jobs.

On March 8, on the occasion of International Space Day, Vietnam Aerospace and Space Association (VASA) supported the Project Management Board “Development of Moon Land Fund” to implement the project. The project with abbreviated name V.LUNA is currently completing the investment preparation procedures and is asking widely in the community to officially “open deposit” to sell the project land. If the project implementation is favorable, VASA promises to donate 10 acres of land to Hanoi Telecom women in the valley area, where the terrain is suitable for growing grapes to produce premium quality wine.

According to the results of surveys and studies of scientists, the valley on the moon is rocky soil with moisture, the average daytime temperature is about 123 degrees Celsius, the night temperature can drop to minus 233 degrees. The temperature difference between day and night is extremely high, the climate is dry, the air is not polluted, this is the ideal conditions for growing grapes to achieve excellent quality.

As you may know, in the highlands of Chile or Napa Valley in the western United States, the temperature difference between day and night is about a few dozen degrees that the cultivation of grapes, brewing wine has reached the scale of 85-95 / 100. So we can fully hope that with good climatic and soil conditions like in the valleys of the viticulture planning area of V.LUNA, there will be a premium quality wine so women can donating to relatives, friends or yourself, bringing great benefits both physically and mentally to the Hanoi Telecom Women’s Union, which has always been “loyal and capable”.

Wishing you on March 8 a lot of fun.

Best regards!

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang Chairman of Hanoi Telecom, President of VASA.

Hanoi, March 8, 2021.

VASA-Dear HTC Women’s Union 8-3

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