Hanoi Telecom participates in the Vietnam Information Security Day 2020 Workshop and Exhibition

On December 2, 2020, Hanoi Telecom Corporation (Hanoi Telecom) attended the international seminar and exhibition “Vietnam Information Security Day 2020”. This is the most prominent and prestigious event in the field of information security and safety (ATTT) in Vietnam. With the theme “Safety, cybersecurity – a core factor in national transformation”, this year’s conference will focus on analyzing the Government’s vision and orientation on strengthening safety and security. network in Vietnam; Policy, current situation, and demand for application and development of information security technology and solutions (ATTT) in the period when Vietnam accelerates digital transformation.

Workshop scene

At the event, Hanoi Telecom also introduced products and technology solutions of businesses at the exhibition booth. Currently, Hanoi Telecom is implementing many groups of products and services such as: information technology, telecommunications, technical services, green energy, logistics, and real estate. etc. Go to Hanoi Telecom’s booth. In addition to consulting, introducing products and services, guests were also given small souvenirs such as: notebooks, helmets, raincoats, and backpacks. etc.

Ms. Nguyen Hien Phuong – Deputy General Director of Hanoi Telecom (Person standing 3 from right)

Also at the event, Hanoi Telecom presented a thematic report by Mr. Khong Huy Hung – General Director of VNCS Company (a member unit of Hanoi Telecom) on the topic “Vietnam catches the transition trend. safety service, network security ”.

VNCS SOC service of VNCS has just won the digital transformation award, Mr. Hung added: “VNCS SOC is proud to be a standard Make in Vietnam service. In the coming time, VNCS wants to expand its SOC service market to reach out to to the international market, first of all the ASEAN and Japan markets. The next step is to enhance service components such as VNCS Threat Intelligence, VNCS Incident Response, … so that services can complement each other, increasing data analysis capabilities.

Hanoi Telecom took a souvenir photo with Mr. Khong Huy Hung – General Director of VNCS – Vice President of Vietnam Information Security Association

The seminar with the topic “A secure Vietnam cloud computing platform for national digital transformation” shared by speakers who are representatives of technology and telecommunications businesses. At the seminar, Ms. Nguyen Hien Phuong – Deputy General Director of Hanoi Telecom expressed her wish that the State should have policies to promote digital transformation in a synchronous and antitrust manner so that no business is affected. leave behind. In addition, in order to prepare well for the digital transformation, to be ready to cope with future difficulties and challenges, Hanoi Telecom will also focus on three core factors such as: Infrastructure, technology and human.

Speakers shared at the seminars

She also shared that: “Hanoi Telecom always quickly applies modern technology platforms as well as promotes cooperation in developing new technologies. All to ensure the application of data center services to ensure the safest, most secure and convenient for Government, economic and social applications as well as readiness for data processing in the future ”.

Here are some pictures at the booth:


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