Hanoi Telecom Supports Postgraduate Training Institute (Thuongmai University)

Postgraduate training activities at the School of Commerce started being implemented in 1987. In the initial phase, due to the small scale of training, the organization and management of postgraduate training were overseen by the School’s Scientific Research Department. With the development of the School, the scale of postgraduate training has been increasing. Thus, the Postgraduate Training Institute was established and officially introduced on.

With the desire to contribute to the nation’s education and training of talented individuals, Hanoi Telecom is honored to accompany the Postgraduate Training Institute at the University of Commerce.

At the inauguration ceremony on February 25, 2023, a representative from Hanoi Telecom also attended and presented flowers to congratulate the Postgraduate Training Institute.

Speaking at the event, PGS.TS. Nguyen Thu Thuy – Head of the Postgraduate Training Institute, on behalf of the entire institute staff, expressed deep gratitude to the leaders of state management agencies, the Ministry of Education and Training, the University of Commerce, businesses, partners, teachers, education managers, generations of students and researchers of the University, distinguished guests, and sponsors who came to celebrate this significant event with the institute.

The ceremony ended successfully. The establishment of the Postgraduate Training Institute marks an important milestone in the implementation of the University of Commerce’s Development Strategy for the 2021 – 2030 phase and its vision for 2040. This aims to ensure scientific and practical compatibility, adjust organizational structure more effectively among the units within the University, opening up new development opportunities in terms of scale and quality of activities for both the University as a whole and the Institute in particular.

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