HTC 2nd Friday Learning Day: Thanks for Course “Report Writing Guidelines”

On the morning of September 8th, we had the opportunity to participate in a highly beneficial course from Hanoi Telecom, with dedicated guidance from two outstanding instructors, Bui Thanh Hung and Ha Thuy Linh. This course helped us grasp the usage of an essential tool in report writing – “5W2H,” to ensure that we can create reports effectively and in line with our objectives..

In today’s business world, knowing how to compile a report accurately is crucial. It not only provides accurate information to management and partners but also helps us gain a deeper understanding of our projects or tasks. The 5W2H tool (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, How much) helps us answer a series of critical questions to build a perfect report.

  1. Who: Identifying who is involved or which organizations are relevant to the project or issue you are reporting on. This helps determine responsibility and how to contact those involved when necessary.
  2. What: Clearly defining the key information that needs to be reported. This helps focus on the most important aspects of the report.
  3. When: Determining the time and important milestones related to the project or issue. This aids in tracking progress and planning.
  4. Where: Identifying the location where the project or issue takes place or where information related to the report is collected.
  5. Why: Understanding why the project or issue is important and why it needs to be reported. This ensures that the report’s objectives are clearly understood.
  6. How: Describing the implementation of the project or resolution of the issue, as well as how information and data are gathered.
  7. How much: If applicable, identifying specific figures, numbers, or data related to the project or issue.

The course has helped us gain a clearer understanding of how to use this tool to create high-quality reports and effectively meet our objectives. More importantly, we learned from individuals with practical experience and a deep understanding of this field.

We sincerely appreciate the investment and support from Hanoi Telecom, as well as the excellent guidance from our two instructors, Bui Thanh Hung and Ha Thuy Linh. Let us continue to apply this knowledge to our daily work and further develop ourselves in the future. Thank you for your participation, and we wish everyone a successful day!

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