Sport & Culture club: The launch of “Good book for donation” program

On the occasion of Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day on 21/04/2022, HTC Book Corner would like to encourage every staff member to give a helping hand to establish, develop, exchange and enrich HTC Book Corner, thus spreading the passion for reading to everyone.

Spost & Culture club the launch of ‘Good books for donation’ program

To take part in the program, those who want to share their books will donate them to HTC library, and those who wish to read will come and borrow free of charge.

With “Good Books For Donation”, the organizers hope to foster solidarity among employees, develop a non-stop learning and reading culture as well as diversify the books in the library to meet the needs of book lovers.

Internal news number 31 | November 2023
Internal news number 31 | November 2023

November, with the shift in weather, also marks the period of transformation for Hanoi Telecom in the new phase with long-term strategies: signing partnerships, gratitude activities, and commemorating November 20 or organizing International Men’s Day across the three regions… Let’s look back at these wonderful moments together with the November newsletter of Hanoi Telecom.  […]

Internal news number 30 | October 2023
Internal news number 30 | October 2023

October marks a significant milestone for Hanoi Telecom as it ventures into a new domain called Wisteria. Let’s revisit these remarkable moments together in Hanoi Telecom‘s October Newsletter.  Hanoi Telecom.

Be a “peer leader”!
Be a “peer leader”!

It’s far from simple when discussing the successes in the ICT domain of businesswoman Nguyen Hien Phuong, currently serving as the Deputy CEO of Hanoi Telecom Corporation (Hanoi Telecom-HTC). She’s a rare female leader in an industry renowned for its breakneck pace and relentless pressure. Hien Phuong, an 80s-generation female entrepreneur, has not only realized […]