HTC-ITC joins Vietnam Internet Day 2020

On December 16, 2020, HTC International Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (HTC-ITC) participated in Vietnam Internet Day Conference and Exhibition (Internet Day 2020). With the theme “Realizing Vietnam’s digital transformation aspirations”, this year’s seminar focused on: Cloud Computing (Cloud); 5G technology; Open Source Technology (FOSS); Make-in-Vietnam Technology. The event was attended by a large team of technology experts as well as leaders of technology businesses in Vietnam.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Huy Dung speaking at the Workshop.

At the exhibition, HTC-ITC introduced products, services and projects that the company is promoting business such as: ecoDC data center, TekMonk Programming Training Center, network services, and voice service. etc. The exhibition booth of HTC-ITC has attracted many visitors, asking questions and questions for the company.

During the seminar on topics, the representative of HTC-ITC, Master Nguyen Hoang Duong – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of HTC-ITC presented the topic: “Cloud computing in the realization of Digital Transformation of Vietnam ”. His report emphasizes the benefits of Cloud Computing to help businesses improve business performance by resonating with the core elements of the business. At the same time, it also shows the importance and necessity of Cloud Computing for business development in the future.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duong – Vice Chairman of the Board of Management of HTC-ITC presented at the Workshop.

In an interview with the press, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duong commented on some of the benefits that Cloud helps businesses operate more efficiently: “Cloud helps businesses be more flexible in capital flows, businesses do not have to depend on initial investment in infrastructure, hardware; Cloud also easily expand / narrow the system in accordance with the actual usage needs in each period, through remote administration tools; The degree of fastness and flexibility can bring many advantages for businesses in deploying data backup and recovery solutions on cloud computing platform ”.

Currently, HTC-ITC is a provider of Internet-related services such as providing Internet access for buildings, apartments, businesses and voice services such as 1900, 1800, prefixes. fixed switchboard, and virtual switchboard. Besides, the company also has 2 centers, training center and data center.

The ecoDC data center is located in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, the first center in Vietnam to receive Uptime certification in Construction (TCCD) and Design (TCCF). It is expected that the Center will launch services on hosting, cloud, and data center provision in the near future.

Tekmonk Programming Training Center is the incubator of young talent with a passion for information technology, especially software programming. The center will focus on training the next generation of technology leaders.

Summarizing the Vietnam Internet Day 2020 program, technology businesses also had an overview of the 20-year development path of Vietnam’s Internet. The digital transformation orientation is the goal as well as the trend of businesses in Vietnam today, HTC-ITC or technology businesses are joining hands to build a digital platform and ecosystem by developing technology services and solutions to serve the needs and interests of the entire society.


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