Inauguration and awarding ceremony of Chim Van Bac Yen Kindergarten (Son La)

On the morning of 22/11/2022, the People’s Committee of Chim Van commune in collaboration with Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Company organized the inauguration ceremony and awarded the golden bird school kitchen (Bac Yen – Son La). Attending the inauguration ceremony were representatives of Hanoi Telecom as the main sponsor of the project and school leaders, local government leaders attended.

The project of Chim Van semi-residential kitchen is started from 05/2022 with the main funding from Hanoi Telecom’s “Green Sail” Fund. The project has been completed with an area of 50m2, red brick floor, heat-resistant corrugated iron roof, aluminum doors; cement yard, total value of 100 million VND.

At the handover ceremony, the leader of Chim Van Primary School, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, thanked Hanoi Telecom’s “Green Sail” Fund and expressed his desire to continue receiving more attention to donate to support disadvantaged schools in the district, contributing to the development of the district’s education and training.

On this occasion, Hanoi Telecom also presented gifts to students at the school site and especially at the inauguration ceremony Hanoi Telecom also organized rice cooking for day students.

It is known that in the school year 2022 – 2023, Chim Van school has 601 students studying at the main school and individual schools, of which the central school has 163 boarding students. Therefore, the inauguration and handover of the project into use is a practical activity to help the semi-boarding students of Chim Van school have a sanitary kitchen, ensuring good health for learning.

Hanoi Telecom Hosts Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Workshop
Hanoi Telecom Hosts Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Workshop

On the afternoon of September 21, 2023, Hanoi Telecom organized a vibrant and meaningful event at its headquarters under the theme “Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Workshop” as part of its Thursday afternoon coffee program. The event attracted enthusiastic participation from the company’s executives and members of various subsidiaries. Hanoi Telecom’s Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Workshop was organized […]

“Energetic Passion – Burning Zeal” – A Memorable Team Building Journey in Quang Ninh
“Energetic Passion – Burning Zeal” – A Memorable Team Building Journey in Quang Ninh

From September 15th to 17th in Ha Long, Quang Ninh, the most anticipated event of the year, the “Energetic Passion – Burning Zeal” Team Building, was successfully held.          This event was not just a recreational journey amidst the beautiful nature but with the participation of all employees from the three regions – North, Central, and […]

HTC 2nd Friday Learning Day: Thanks for Course “Report Writing Guidelines”
HTC 2nd Friday Learning Day: Thanks for Course “Report Writing Guidelines”

On the morning of September 8th, we had the opportunity to participate in a highly beneficial course from Hanoi Telecom, with dedicated guidance from two outstanding instructors, Bui Thanh Hung and Ha Thuy Linh. This course helped us grasp the usage of an essential tool in report writing – “5W2H,” to ensure that we can […]