“Internet and computers for you” – Yen Binh (Yen Bai)

On the afternoon of May 16, 2023, the Ministry of Information and Communications, in collaboration with Yen Binh District, organized a conference to support and implement the digital transformation work of the Ministry of Information and Communications in Yen Binh District. The conference was conducted both in-person and online, reaching 24 locations across the communes and towns of Yen Binh District.

Attending the conference were Comrade Nguyen Huy Dung – Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Member of the National Committee for Digital Transformation; Comrade Ngo Hanh Phuc – Standing Committee Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee. Also in attendance were leaders of the Departments, Bureaus, and Institutes of the Ministry of Information and Communications; representatives of Hanoi Telecom – Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Company.

During the conference, Yen Binh District expressed their hopes for the Ministry of Information and Communications to promptly implement the 2023 universal telecommunications service support program for poor households and near-poor households eligible for assistance in the area. They also sought support to construct and implement the Thac Ba town model, completing all information security solutions as per the approved profile, and directing e-commerce companies to guide and support Yen Binh District in researching and piloting the model of e-commerce communes.

The delegates engaged in discussions regarding various solutions to enhance the quality of digital transformation in Yen Binh District: initiating and implementing the Smart Education System; Smart Reporting System; cashless payments for social welfare beneficiaries; advising on technology selection, data sharing connections; remote digital signatures; and other solutions to improve public services.

On this occasion, Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Company donated 40 tablets, collectively worth 112 million VND, to students of Yen Phuong Secondary School. This donation included tablets, 4G SIM cards, and scholarships for students, providing practical assistance for them to access online information and enhance their learning experiences, particularly benefiting those students facing difficult circumstances.

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