Kết Nối Gia Sư Center: Connecting the Knowledge of the New Generation

With the desire to establish a high-quality tutoring class model, “Kết Nối Gia Sư” was born with the goal of connecting and creating suitable classes for each student, ensuring satisfaction for parents.

“Kết Nối Gia Sư” has been operating since June 8, 2021, providing high-quality online and in-person tutoring classes nationwide. In its two years of operation, “Kết Nối Gia Sư” has become a trusted destination for parents. The classes it offers have helped students make progress, and many have succeeded in passing entrance exams and university admissions.

Kết Nối Gia Sư mang đến các lớp học gia sư online, tại nhà chất lượng cao tên toàn quốc (Ảnh: Kết Nối Gia Sư).

Parents can choose tutors on the website

“Kết Nối Gia Sư” applies advanced and modern technology platforms that allow parents to choose their preferred tutors on the website. Parents can register for trial lessons with tutors, and they can access tutors’ personal information, academic achievements, teaching experience, and tuition fees in advance. The center also assists in matching tutors with students when parents find a tutor they like..

Tutor team comprises students from top universities

The tutor team at “Kết Nối Gia Sư” accommodates students from basic to advanced levels. The tutors are currently students from top universities across the country, possessing expertise and teaching skills. They have gone through a rigorous selection process, and their personal information, academic achievements, honesty, and transparency are publicly available.

Inspiring a passion for learning

According to the center’s representative, “Kết Nối Gia Sư” aims to inspire a passion for learning, which is the primary goal emphasized in its teaching methodology. Tutors not only excel in teaching and possess strong subject knowledge but also understand students’ psychology and use creative teaching methods tailored to each student, providing inspiration and motivation for their studies.

Commitment to service quality

According to the center’s representative, students can attend a trial lesson. If parents find it unsuitable, they can change to another tutor free of charge. Students take an entrance knowledge test to assess their level and choose an appropriate teaching method.

“Kết Nối Gia Sư” focuses on providing convenience to parents and emphasizes quality to create suitable and effective classes for students, helping them progress.

“Hoàng Ngọc Hưng – A physics teacher and Deputy General Director of NMS Company, the entity behind the “Kết Nối Gia Sư” project, shared: “We want to modernize the tutor introduction model with the goal of providing the utmost convenience for parents while focusing on quality to create suitable and effective classes to help students progress.”

Kết Nối Gia Sư introduced two math and literature tutors for my son to prepare for the 9th to 10th grade transition exams – Hanoi. He passed both exams with a grade of 9,” shared Mr. N. V. Thọ.

Ms. H. T. Linh, who registered for a 12th-grade math tutor, said that when she learned about “Kết Nối Gia Sư,” she asked the center for math support to help her child prepare for the high school graduation exam. Her child achieved a 9 in math, and her family was very pleased and satisfied.

My child has significantly improved their learning, and the center arranged a handwriting tutor for my child, teaching elementary math. My child is eager to learn with the tutor every day, which surprised me,” shared Ms. N. T. Cúc, a parent who registered for a math and Vietnamese tutor for her second-grade child at “Kết Nối Gia Sư.”

Mr. Hưng said, “Teaching wholeheartedly – advancing in learning” is the guiding principle for all center activities. After two years of development, “Kết Nối Gia Sư” currently has a team of more than 3,000 student tutors, reaching tens of thousands of parents, and successfully introducing many classes. It has gradually become a familiar tutoring service provider for parents and a reliable tutoring connection center for parents and students.

The “Kết Nối Gia Sư” center is developed by the New Generation Mobile Service Joint Stock Company (a member of Hanoi Telecom). 

Address: 3rd Floor – Mỹ Đình Plaza – 138 Trần Bình – Hà Nội

Website: www.ketnoigiasu.vn 

Email: [email protected]

Hotline – Zalo: 0963 672 299

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