Contract Manager (HTC-ITC)
Lotus Building, số 2 Duy Tân HN

Job description

➢ Manage contractual information with partners, agents and customers;
➢ Working with partners and agents in assigned services;
➢ Coordinate with the specialized departments to handle the work with the highest efficiency;
➢ Handling problems that arise in the working process;
➢ Supporting and consulting customers on satellite services;
➢ Perform data checking with partners and agents;
➢ Evaluate the progress and quality of work, compliance of the work according to the company’s regulations and processes;
➢ Develop and execute periodic and ad-hoc reports as required;

Job requirements

➢ Bachelor degree in Telecommunication, Business Administration, International Business, Accounting or related majors;
➢ Have at least 02 years of experience in an equivalent position;
➢ English for reading, understanding, writing well, communicating well
➢ Certificate TOEIC 650 / IELTS 5.0
➢ Have skills in problem solving, negotiation and persuasion;
➢ Careful, meticulous, thoughtful, honest;
➢ Decisive, independent, autonomous and creative at work;
➢ Have knowledge / experience in IT, Telecommunications, and Satellite markets.

Candidate benefits

➢ Attractive negotiable salary according to ability
➢ Be considered for periodic salary increase;
➢ Plenty of rewards: Bonuses for holidays, New Year, 13 salary month …
➢ Equipped with computers / laptops to serve the work;
➢ Ensure the benefits under the Labor Law: Social insurance, health insurance, and welfare regimes according to the company’s regulations: periodic health check, vacation, spring vacation, hospitality, joy …
➢ Enjoy the staff policy, seniority policy with many special benefits when working for a long time;
➢ Regularly participate in professional training according to standards and grades;
➢ Working environment young, dynamic, enthusiastic, favorable for personal development;

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