The first data center meeting Uptime TCCF standard in Vietnam

Delta Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd., a member unit of Delta Electronics PCL (Thailand) announced the completion of construction and successful certification of a Uptime-certified data center for infrastructure construction (TCCF) for HTC-ITC , a member unit of Hanoi Telecom.

The new Green Data Center is located in HTC Building in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, providing better connectivity and service to HTC-ITC customers.

The data center project was implemented in 8 months including infrastructure construction and equipment installation. Once completed, the data center has a total size of 615 m2, including 445 m2 for IT equipment (white space) with 150 cabinets, 110 m2 for electrical systems, UPS, battery and 60 m2. for fiber-optic rooms.

The rack cabinets are designed with a density of 5kW / Rack, the data center has 150 racks with a total capacity of 750 kW + 750 kW to help improve the redundancy of the power system, ensuring continuous power supply. IT equipment.

Trung tâm dữ liệu đầu tiên đạt chuẩn Uptime TCCF tại Việt Nam - Ảnh 1.

Data center has a total size of 615 m2

To get TCCF Tie III certificate, the project must meet the following conditions:

  • Executing construction in accordance with the appraised and approved design in Tier III TCDD design certificate.
  • All equipment actually installed must match those declared for use in the design phase.
  • Must pass more than 52 actual operation tests to prove the actual performance in normal operation mode, isolation mode isolating equipment for maintenance and repair.

For electrical systems, the voltage on the isolator must be close to zero, this requires the power cable to go very scientifically, the load current must be balanced and properly grounded. For cooling systems, when isolating an air conditioner (off) there should be no local hot spots with temperatures exceeding 25 ° C, which requires the air conditioners to be arranged very reasonably and simulated heating detail.

To ensure the success of the project, Delta collaborated with experts with extensive experience in data center design and formed the project’s engineering team with many excellent engineers both in the field and at home. machine. In addition, Delta also introduced new equipment with outstanding smart design such as modular UPS and Inrow technology.

Compared with traditional data centers, this data center is designed in a modular form, allowing for easier and more efficient installation. Delta’s modular and open space data center architecture provides HTC-ITC with powerful, flexible, and sustainable solutions. This green data center has a PUE value of only 1.4, much lower than other data centers in the Vietnamese market.

Uptime’s TCCF certification works to ensure data centers are built to the design and capable of meeting confirmed availability requirements. TCCF helps protect clients’ investments by checking and evaluating by neutral appraisers from Uptime Institute.

Tier III standard data centers ensure uptime (uptime) is 99.982% per year. The total annual downtime is 94.6 minutes or 1.5768 hours. Unlike Tier I and Tier II certified facilities, these devices do not require a complete shutdown during maintenance or replacement.

The process of HTC-ITC data center successfully obtaining Tier III (TCCF) certification from a prestigious organization Uptime Institute consists of three stages:

  1. Tier III Certificate for Design (TCDD) from December 2019 and will be issued in January 2020
  2. Completion of the data center installation and preparation for the TCCF test between January 2020 and August 2020
  3. Tier III certificate (TCCF) in infrastructure construction was issued in November 2020

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