15/07/2021 – World Youth Skills Day in the context of challenging Covid-19

In 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 15 July as World Youth Skills Day. This year, World Youth Skills Day 2021 will again take place in a challenging context due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Developing vocational skills, especially vocational skills for young people, is always the top concern of all countries, the United Nations and other international agencies and organizations. According to United Nations statistics, youth workers (from 15 to 24 years old) account for 16% of the global workforce. The active participation of this labor force helps society to develop in an inclusive, stable and sustainable manner, reducing difficulties and challenges from the impact of climate change, unemployment, poverty, gender inequality, conflict and migration.



This year, World Youth Skills Day continues to take place in the challenging context, the Covid-19 epidemic continues to linger around the world. Measures to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic have caused many technical and vocational education and training institutions around the world to suspend training activities.

At the present time, Vietnam is also dealing with a large Covid-19 wave from the North to the South. Many localities are still suspending schools, educational and training institutions for such a long time.

With the immediate situation, over the past year, online classes and training have become popular and familiar in schools, training centers, and especially in enterprises from large to small across the country.

Hanoi Telecom also always cherishes and organizes training opportunities for employees from the moment they enter the company, from small classes to long-term courses when given the opportunity, to constantly transmit and update the latest and most advanced knowledge and skills for all employees.

When the Covid-19 epidemic took place, we realized more and more clearly the urgency for staff training and skill improvement, and even more urgent was the formation of a fixed monthly – weekly learning festival for the employees. Then proceed to seminars, sharing experiences and skills in groups.

At this time – in 2021, HANOI TELECOM has successfully created a LEARNING DAY for employees, on the 2nd Friday of every month, to facilitate the organization of training courses on working skills for employees, more methodically and on a larger scale. We call it HTC LEARNING DAY.

On July 9, 2021, the first online course was successfully organized by Hanoi Telecom – HTC learning day in July: “Courses on ENHANCING WORK PRODUCTIVITY ” by Experts – Coach DANG LINH CHI.

The training session attracted nearly 200 employees within 24 hours of launching. This is also an extremely impressive result for the Training Center in general and all students in particular. A very interesting and engaging learning day.

The training center and the students are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming course.

Join our HTC learning day in August. An energetic and valuable class awaits you next month.


Details information about HTC learning day will be continuously updated on Hanoi Telecom’s website and Fanpage.

Website: Hanoi Telecom Corporation – Hanoi Telecom Corporation

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/hanoitelecomcorporation

See you all again on the 2nd Friday of August.





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