Vietnam Virtual Reality Technology Development Joint Stock Company (vrtech.com.vn) – a member of Hanoi Telecom Group – is the number one and unique company in Vietnam that develops products for Virtual Reality Technology to applied in different industries to serve the education, training, research, sales, marketing, and Communications.

VRTECH was born with the desire to bring one of the hottest technologies today Virtual Reality Technology into application and development & business in all fields.
With many years of experience in research and development, together with a team of leading, experienced and unique experts, vrtech.com.vn has developed and successfully deployed many virtual reality products in many different fields.

VR (Virtual Reality):

A VR system consists of VR applications (software) and hardware is Virtual Reality Glasses (HTC vive, Oculus, google cardboard, etc.) connecting to your computer or phone and will let you enjoy yourself and immersed into a new world. Then you are almost no longer aware of the real world around you.

For example, you will be taken on a space station, where you can interact, and living in it, like go to the spacecraft, flying among the stars. Or as you will be transported back to prehistoric times hanging out with dinosaurs, interacting and communicating, even touching them. The VR implementation depends on the devices included in the computer, glasses, or phones with the correct configuration. As a result, it limits the amount of people who approach it, but the secluded experience environment creates a more real and immersive feel.

AR (Augmented Reality):

AR is mainly deployed on handsets (Smart phones, Tabets), based on platforms like ARCore, ARKit support. it focuses on combining the real world with virtual information, not separating you into a private space like VR. AR will also allow you to interact with virtual content in real life, be it touching, communicating or possibly overlaying images (Pokemon Go is a prime example). The AR implementation will be simpler and faster because it does not depend too much on the device.

In addition to the concept of AR, and VR above, we often encounter another concept called MR (Mixed reality): MR is the combination of VR and AR. In recent years, the rollout of both AR and VR has increased rapidly in part because the devices are becoming more popular than before and also the enormous effects it brings compared to the traditional, in all different fields of vocational education, health, tourism, commerce, media, marketing in many different fields such as real estate, e-commerce, fashion, furniture, etc.

VRTECH is the number one pioneer with extensive experience implementing AR and VR projects for full partners in different environments, and operating in different fields in Vietnam.

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