AI & Big Data

Invested by leading mobile and content production company, iCOMM Media and Technology Joint Stock Company aims to implement comprehensive support services, business solutions, and marketing. Digital technology on the Internet and mobile phones in Vietnam and the region, helping businesses maximize the power of information technology and multi-platform digital communication in business development. iCOMM aims to become an online media and advertising technology corporation, developing sustainably on the basis of combining intellectual strength, collective solidarity and technology to a new level.

Up to now, with the continuous efforts and determination of our company and trust from our customers, iCOMM has had the opportunity to successfully implement many large IT projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and some provinces in the country. The projects that iCOMM undertakes require certain technical and financial capabilities, together with infrastructure and solutions throughout the system.

With the gained experience, strong financial ability and stable business, professional management methods and the spirit of continuous learning to serve, the company’s staff are fully confident in the development mission. high-value customer and market analysis products that accompany and deliver the best business and service value to businesses in the digital age.

The mission of iCOMM Media & Tech, Jsc is to research, develop and apply analytical philosophy and machine learning technologies on the giant and mobile Internet data set to serve an optimal way for the work of customers based on the interests of customers, as well as our company. Customer satisfaction and growth are our success.

Artificial intelligence development and consulting services

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are becoming increasingly popular with businesses as tools for extracting untapped value from vast amounts of data and boosting productivity by orders of magnitude. Self-taught systems sift through unstructured historical records easier, crunch the numbers faster, and help automate some of the most time-consuming tasks.

We are a crew of cognitive computing geeks who thrive on tackling complex problems with the best tools AI and ML have to offer. Combining our data science expertise with practical domain knowledge, we deliver AI consulting services and integrated solutions to address real business challenges.

Full-fledged big data development services

A leading big data development company, we delivers a whole gamut of services around big data for businesses in Advertising, Retail, Telecommunications, FinTech, Healthcare, and more.

Our big data experts make data science serve the enterprises striving to harness complex data processing operations. With our multi-year software development expertise and top talent on board, we know how to deliver what your big data project needs.

Our big data development offering

Whether you are looking to integrate your data into analytics-ready systems or build a scalable big data solution from scratch, our seasoned team of big data engineers will help you maximize the return on your investment.
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