EcoDC pioneers the green data trend for the data center industry

Keeping up with the “greening” trend, with a project called ecoDC data center, HTC International Telecommunication (HTC-ITC) held a discussion with customers and partners before the official launch in November 2020.

In the context of our living environment being seriously threatened by human daily impacts, “greening” becomes an optimal choice for many industries and many fields. In which, green data center is a typical example in the information technology industry.

There have been many questions raised that, how to build and operate a “green” data center, sticking with the environment in sustainable development. The related issues are also dissected such as cost, how to maintain …, making many suppliers, even though they want to, are afraid of the green trend. The engineering industry has always focused on certifications, the Eco Data Center (abbreviated as ecoDC) of the HTC International Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (HTC-ITC) was born, bringing a new step in engineering. technology to improve service quality for green data trend. The engineering industry has historically focused solely on technology certifications, which is a key foundation, sometimes imperative in investment and development decisions. However, with the trend of serviceization, and the trend of building smart infrastructure, ensuring both safety and security, while meeting the elements of aesthetics and environmental friendliness, Eco Data Center (write for short is ecoDC) of HTC International Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (HTC-ITC) was born, bringing the green trend and the orientation of offering solutions and services that are most user-friendly and environmentally friendly, namely exploiting and providing Hosting and Cloud server services.

How was EcoDC green data center formed and operated?

As the leading data center in Vietnam meeting Uptime Tier3 standard in both design and construction, ecoDC owns many outstanding advantages. Regarding technical standards, ecoDC is applying inrow cooling system. This is the most modern and pioneering energy-saving technology deployed in Vietnam that allows cooling temperature control to each server. With this system, air conditioning running along the rack, with hot air intake device will help increase cooling efficiency, reducing power consumption ~ 1.3 contributing to environmental protection, while other data centers are maintaining with power consumption ~ 1.6.

The most prominent and cutting-edge feature of the Uptime Tier3 certificate is the average failure time per year. If Uptime Tier1 and Tier2 have 28.8 hours and 22 hours of failure per year respectively, Uptime Tier only has 1.6 hours of failure. Built in a remote place is Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, 32km from Hanoi city with comfortable space, area of 3000m2, 5 floors with 750 racks containing unlimited resources. With connection technology, standard equipment will support the storage and back up data suitable for companies with large amounts of data that need security.

ecoDC tiên phong xu hướng data xanh cho ngành trung tâm dữ liệu - Ảnh 1.

EcoDC is oriented to be environmentally friendly by being built in a green, large space with many trees and lakes like a resort – helping with good health and spirit. EcoDC green data center is a realization of data according to the trend of saving, sustainability, associated with protecting and improving the surrounding environment.

Green data also means bringing safety to users’ data and cybersecurity for each customer. ecoDC is developing towards friendly service from facilities to quality of service provided.

Definition of ecoDC brand – green data trend

Eco is in the word “ecosystem”, which implies that an ecosystem consists of three factors: technology – technology – and the environment. The Eco here also shows the optimal and cost-effective solution that our expert team will provide to partners.

ecoDC tiên phong xu hướng data xanh cho ngành trung tâm dữ liệu - Ảnh 2.

EcoDC logo is designed with green and blue tones representing green space and information technology respectively. With the space of the ecoDC building under the green concept completely different from other suppliers in the market, customers coming to ecoDC will experience their very own resort space along with ecological areas such as golf courses. , swimming pools, and tennis. etc.

EcoDC will officially launch and start operating from 11/2020. In addition to being able to better support customers in the Hanoi area, with the newly launched Datacenter, HTC Telecoms International (HTC-ITC) customers can deploy applications, and software in different regions (regions) to ensure availability for enterprise applications and software.

EcoDC is developed and operated by HTC International Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (HTC-ITC), a member unit of Hanoi Telecom, was established in 2007, up to now has marked a 13-year journey. With the leadership of the Board of Directors, the dedication and continuous development efforts of the staff, the year 2020 marks HTC-ITC as one of the top 10 companies in the field. Most Prestigious Information and Telecommunication Technology in Vietnam.

The most special thing about ecoDC, the event on September 11 was held and received many comments from customers, partners on how to operate and service organization. Thereby ecoDC will be more complete and ready to launch next November with many superior features and different orientations compared to other suppliers in the market.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hanoi Telecom – Assoc. Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang was elected Chairman of the Vietnam Aerospace and Space Association

Major General, Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang, former Vice President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology hold the position of President of Vietnam Aerospace-Space Association for the term 2020-2025.

Các đại biểu tham dự đại hội. (Ảnh: PV/Vietnam+)

On the morning of November 7, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Aerospace-Space Association (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) organized the 4th Vietnam Aerospace-Space Congress (VASA) Congress (term 2020 -2025).

Attending the meeting were nearly 150 delegates who are individual members and 31 collective members, a large number of scientists, experts, managers with extensive experience in the aerospace field, and relevant scientific fields.

The congress elected Major General, Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang, former Vice President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, former Vice President of Vietnam Aerospace and Space Association for the 2016-2020 term. the President of Vietnam Aerospace and Space Association for the term 2020-2025.

Speaking at the opening of the Congress, Professor, Dr. Phan Ngoc Minh, Vice President of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, said that the Association inherited and developed from the Aviation Science and Technology Association was established in 2005.

By 2010, at the second congress, the Association changed its name to the Vietnam Aerospace-Space Association. As a social, professional, non-governmental organization, the Association has the main mission of connecting individual and collective members who are active in the aerospace and aerospace sector. relevant area.

According to Professor, Dr. Phan Ngoc Minh, Aerospace and Space is an important branch in socio-economic development and defense-security consolidation, related to activities in the sky and space.

Technical means include, unmanned, unmanned, civil, military, controlled and unmanned missiles, satellites, spacecraft, balloon…

In the trend of socialization, the Association plays an increasingly important role, contributing to exploiting the great potential of the sky and space, serving socio-economic development, strengthening national defense and security.

The report summarizing the activities of the Association for the 2016-2020 term, Professor, Doctor of Science Nguyen Duc Cuong, Chairman of the Vietnam Aerospace Association said that in the 2016-2020 term, the Association of Aeronautics and Space Vietnam has actively organized activities including: mobilizing, gathering intellectuals, maintaining and developing the association organization, doing well in communication, knowledge dissemination, criticism, and assessment society.

In particular, the Association has achieved remarkable results in the fields of: Consulting, criticism and social assessment; scientific research and technology development …

In the term 2020-2025, the Vietnam Aerospace and Space Association will continue to improve its operational capacity, deepen its operations, practically and effectively; effectively deploy functions, key tasks, in accordance with the requirements and requirements of the practical situation.

The association gathers, gathers, and creates favorable and best conditions for collective and individual members to promote their potentials and capacities to contribute to the development of the aerospace industry through activities, and specific products.

Tien sy Pham Ngoc Lang giu chuc Chu tich Hoi Hang khong-Vu tru VN hinh anh 1

The Association will continue to promote domestic and international cooperation to take advantage of and receive advanced scientific and technological achievements in the world; give priority to and promote the field of aerospace-aerospace application research, especially in key economic fields, security-defense fields.

At the congress, delegates voted to agree on the principle of research to establish the model “Vietnam Aerospace-Space Group” (VASA Group) under the form of 100% non-profit enterprise with the motto ” Nation – People – Members “.

The first data center meeting Uptime TCCF standard in Vietnam

Delta Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd., a member unit of Delta Electronics PCL (Thailand) announced the completion of construction and successful certification of a Uptime-certified data center for infrastructure construction (TCCF) for HTC-ITC , a member unit of Hanoi Telecom.

The new Green Data Center is located in HTC Building in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, providing better connectivity and service to HTC-ITC customers.

The data center project was implemented in 8 months including infrastructure construction and equipment installation. Once completed, the data center has a total size of 615 m2, including 445 m2 for IT equipment (white space) with 150 cabinets, 110 m2 for electrical systems, UPS, battery and 60 m2. for fiber-optic rooms.

The rack cabinets are designed with a density of 5kW / Rack, the data center has 150 racks with a total capacity of 750 kW + 750 kW to help improve the redundancy of the power system, ensuring continuous power supply. IT equipment.

Trung tâm dữ liệu đầu tiên đạt chuẩn Uptime TCCF tại Việt Nam - Ảnh 1.

Data center has a total size of 615 m2

To get TCCF Tie III certificate, the project must meet the following conditions:

  • Executing construction in accordance with the appraised and approved design in Tier III TCDD design certificate.
  • All equipment actually installed must match those declared for use in the design phase.
  • Must pass more than 52 actual operation tests to prove the actual performance in normal operation mode, isolation mode isolating equipment for maintenance and repair.

For electrical systems, the voltage on the isolator must be close to zero, this requires the power cable to go very scientifically, the load current must be balanced and properly grounded. For cooling systems, when isolating an air conditioner (off) there should be no local hot spots with temperatures exceeding 25 ° C, which requires the air conditioners to be arranged very reasonably and simulated heating detail.

To ensure the success of the project, Delta collaborated with experts with extensive experience in data center design and formed the project’s engineering team with many excellent engineers both in the field and at home. machine. In addition, Delta also introduced new equipment with outstanding smart design such as modular UPS and Inrow technology.

Compared with traditional data centers, this data center is designed in a modular form, allowing for easier and more efficient installation. Delta’s modular and open space data center architecture provides HTC-ITC with powerful, flexible, and sustainable solutions. This green data center has a PUE value of only 1.4, much lower than other data centers in the Vietnamese market.

Uptime’s TCCF certification works to ensure data centers are built to the design and capable of meeting confirmed availability requirements. TCCF helps protect clients’ investments by checking and evaluating by neutral appraisers from Uptime Institute.

Tier III standard data centers ensure uptime (uptime) is 99.982% per year. The total annual downtime is 94.6 minutes or 1.5768 hours. Unlike Tier I and Tier II certified facilities, these devices do not require a complete shutdown during maintenance or replacement.

The process of HTC-ITC data center successfully obtaining Tier III (TCCF) certification from a prestigious organization Uptime Institute consists of three stages:

  1. Tier III Certificate for Design (TCDD) from December 2019 and will be issued in January 2020
  2. Completion of the data center installation and preparation for the TCCF test between January 2020 and August 2020
  3. Tier III certificate (TCCF) in infrastructure construction was issued in November 2020
Hanoi Telecom participates in the Vietnam Information Security Day 2020 Workshop and Exhibition

On December 2, 2020, Hanoi Telecom Corporation (Hanoi Telecom) attended the international seminar and exhibition “Vietnam Information Security Day 2020”. This is the most prominent and prestigious event in the field of information security and safety (ATTT) in Vietnam. With the theme “Safety, cybersecurity – a core factor in national transformation”, this year’s conference will focus on analyzing the Government’s vision and orientation on strengthening safety and security. network in Vietnam; Policy, current situation, and demand for application and development of information security technology and solutions (ATTT) in the period when Vietnam accelerates digital transformation.

Workshop scene

At the event, Hanoi Telecom also introduced products and technology solutions of businesses at the exhibition booth. Currently, Hanoi Telecom is implementing many groups of products and services such as: information technology, telecommunications, technical services, green energy, logistics, and real estate. etc. Go to Hanoi Telecom’s booth. In addition to consulting, introducing products and services, guests were also given small souvenirs such as: notebooks, helmets, raincoats, and backpacks. etc.

Ms. Nguyen Hien Phuong – Deputy General Director of Hanoi Telecom (Person standing 3 from right)

Also at the event, Hanoi Telecom presented a thematic report by Mr. Khong Huy Hung – General Director of VNCS Company (a member unit of Hanoi Telecom) on the topic “Vietnam catches the transition trend. safety service, network security ”.

VNCS SOC service of VNCS has just won the digital transformation award, Mr. Hung added: “VNCS SOC is proud to be a standard Make in Vietnam service. In the coming time, VNCS wants to expand its SOC service market to reach out to to the international market, first of all the ASEAN and Japan markets. The next step is to enhance service components such as VNCS Threat Intelligence, VNCS Incident Response, … so that services can complement each other, increasing data analysis capabilities.

Hanoi Telecom took a souvenir photo with Mr. Khong Huy Hung – General Director of VNCS – Vice President of Vietnam Information Security Association

The seminar with the topic “A secure Vietnam cloud computing platform for national digital transformation” shared by speakers who are representatives of technology and telecommunications businesses. At the seminar, Ms. Nguyen Hien Phuong – Deputy General Director of Hanoi Telecom expressed her wish that the State should have policies to promote digital transformation in a synchronous and antitrust manner so that no business is affected. leave behind. In addition, in order to prepare well for the digital transformation, to be ready to cope with future difficulties and challenges, Hanoi Telecom will also focus on three core factors such as: Infrastructure, technology and human.

Speakers shared at the seminars

She also shared that: “Hanoi Telecom always quickly applies modern technology platforms as well as promotes cooperation in developing new technologies. All to ensure the application of data center services to ensure the safest, most secure and convenient for Government, economic and social applications as well as readiness for data processing in the future ”.

Here are some pictures at the booth:


HTC-ITC joins Vietnam Internet Day 2020

On December 16, 2020, HTC International Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (HTC-ITC) participated in Vietnam Internet Day Conference and Exhibition (Internet Day 2020). With the theme “Realizing Vietnam’s digital transformation aspirations”, this year’s seminar focused on: Cloud Computing (Cloud); 5G technology; Open Source Technology (FOSS); Make-in-Vietnam Technology. The event was attended by a large team of technology experts as well as leaders of technology businesses in Vietnam.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Huy Dung speaking at the Workshop.

At the exhibition, HTC-ITC introduced products, services and projects that the company is promoting business such as: ecoDC data center, TekMonk Programming Training Center, network services, and voice service. etc. The exhibition booth of HTC-ITC has attracted many visitors, asking questions and questions for the company.

During the seminar on topics, the representative of HTC-ITC, Master Nguyen Hoang Duong – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of HTC-ITC presented the topic: “Cloud computing in the realization of Digital Transformation of Vietnam ”. His report emphasizes the benefits of Cloud Computing to help businesses improve business performance by resonating with the core elements of the business. At the same time, it also shows the importance and necessity of Cloud Computing for business development in the future.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duong – Vice Chairman of the Board of Management of HTC-ITC presented at the Workshop.

In an interview with the press, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duong commented on some of the benefits that Cloud helps businesses operate more efficiently: “Cloud helps businesses be more flexible in capital flows, businesses do not have to depend on initial investment in infrastructure, hardware; Cloud also easily expand / narrow the system in accordance with the actual usage needs in each period, through remote administration tools; The degree of fastness and flexibility can bring many advantages for businesses in deploying data backup and recovery solutions on cloud computing platform ”.

Currently, HTC-ITC is a provider of Internet-related services such as providing Internet access for buildings, apartments, businesses and voice services such as 1900, 1800, prefixes. fixed switchboard, and virtual switchboard. Besides, the company also has 2 centers, training center and data center.

The ecoDC data center is located in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, the first center in Vietnam to receive Uptime certification in Construction (TCCD) and Design (TCCF). It is expected that the Center will launch services on hosting, cloud, and data center provision in the near future.

Tekmonk Programming Training Center is the incubator of young talent with a passion for information technology, especially software programming. The center will focus on training the next generation of technology leaders.

Summarizing the Vietnam Internet Day 2020 program, technology businesses also had an overview of the 20-year development path of Vietnam’s Internet. The digital transformation orientation is the goal as well as the trend of businesses in Vietnam today, HTC-ITC or technology businesses are joining hands to build a digital platform and ecosystem by developing technology services and solutions to serve the needs and interests of the entire society.

Hanoi Telecom conducts a series of activities towards the program “Class of Love”

On December 24, 2020, the People’s Committee of Quang Binh province coordinated with the group implementing the program “The Class of Love” launched by Hanoi Telecom Corporation (Hanoi Telecom) held the ground-breaking ceremony of the primary school construction. Con Se (Quang Binh) with a total sponsorship amount of 2 billion VND. This activity is part of a series of events towards the program “Love Classes”. Previously, on December 13, 2020, Hanoi Telecom also attended the inauguration ceremony of Cooc Cooc Kindergarten (Ha Giang), which the company called for support since August 2020.

Attending the inauguration were Mr. Vu Dai Thang – Alternate Member of the Central Committee of the Party – Secretary of Quang Binh Provincial Party Committee, Ms. Nguyen Hien Phuong – Deputy General Director of Hanoi Telecom and representatives of local authorities, Hanoi employees. Telecom, students and local people. At the ceremony, representatives of Quang Binh Provincial People’s Committee acknowledged and praised the valuable contributions of Hanoi Telecom and sponsors, wishing that in the coming time, the company and sponsors would have more activities to help the commune. Furthermore, especially the replication of the project “Classes of Love” in places with many difficulties in Ba Don town as well as Quang Binh province.

In October 2020, the central part of our country was extremely affected by storms and floods, Hanoi Telecom has called on member companies and all employees to join hands to support. The total amount raised was made to build schools for the children here with the total amount of 2 billion VND. The total amount of donations came from member companies of Hanoi Telecom (HTC-ITC, HTE, Vietnamobile, VNCS, NMS, ICOMM); Mr. Pham Duong Chau’s family; Ms. Trinh Minh Chau’s family and all employees of Hanoi Telecom.

Con Se Primary School has 18 classes with 521 students, located in the area of dunes, facilities are lacking, especially suffered many damage during the historic flood. With the desire to give the students enough learning conditions, Hanoi Telecom joined hands to call on all officers, employees and philanthropists together to build “Love classes” at Con Primary School Share with 2-storey building, including 4 classrooms, auxiliary works, floor area of 320 m2, total investment of 2 billion VND. The project is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of April 2021. The work will meet favorable conditions in teaching and learning of teachers and students, contributing to improving the educational quality of the school.

The program “Classes of Love” launched by Hanoi Telecom aims to call for donations and support to build schools in localities with extremely difficult circumstances. The program is aimed at children in school age – The future preschools of the country. The program has built 2 schools since August 2020, the Co Cung Kindergarten (Ha Giang) and now the Con Se Primary School (Quang Binh). It is expected that the program will continue to call for support and conduct construction of schools in extremely difficult areas in the future.

In addition to the construction of the school, Hanoi Telecom also donated 10 community water filters to 5 schools in Ba Don town. Representatives of schools in the area acknowledged and thanked the company for giving very practical gifts to the school.

Summarizing the program “Class of Love” in 2020, Hanoi Telecom hopes to receive support from businesses, member units and all employees in the programs and activities together with copper. In 2020, Hanoi Telecom has also had many outstanding achievements such as winning awards such as: Top 10 typical ASEAN enterprises, Top 10 prestigious telecommunications and IT enterprises. Towards 2021, Hanoi Telecom will celebrate its 20th anniversary, this enterprise aims to become a leading enterprise in technology and telecommunications in Vietnam.

Announcement Logo 20 years Hanoi Telecom

Dear Customers and Partners,

Hanoi Telecom Corporation (Hanoi Telecom) would like to thank the trust and cooperation of our customers and partners in recent years. Over nearly 20 years of operation, Hanoi Telecom has made strong and steady steps. To celebrate a great milestone, marking the 20-year journey of establishment and development, the company is pleased to announce that it will change its new identity logo from January 1, 2021.

The meaning of the new Logo:

The dot in the letter “i” is connected to the zero by a curved horizontal trajectory soaring to connect the year anniversary with the brand name. Carrying metaphorical meaning from a small, exaggerated circle to a giant circle expressing the journey of founding, cultivating, developing and thriving. The number “0” is stylized with the image of the earth, representing a Hanoi Telecom of 20 years of growth to reach the world.

We are pleased to announce and wish customers and partners more success in their business activities.

Hanoi Telecom

Message V.LUNA: About opening deposit of land for sale of V.LUNA Project Phase 1

On March 4, 2021, the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Aerospace Association (VASA) expansion held a meeting to expand the table and decided to continue to prioritize investment in the project “Development of land fund on the moon. “Create more playground for the young intellectual community, the Vietnamese community in the country and overseas Vietnamese people.”

The Vietnam Aerospace and Space Association is continuing to complete technical, geophysical information, detailed status quo maps, and publishes the project’s coordinates and planning as well as refer to the projects being implemented in the world. V.LUNA is the abbreviation of the project “Development of the Moon Land Fund” developed and exclusively registered by VASA, applied Blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of information is not changed and ensure all interests of customers participating in the project.

However, to meet the expectations of customers and the aspirations of the young people who love space, on March 8 and on the occasion of the International Space Day April 12, The Vietnam Aerospace and Space Association drafted a message to consult the online community about the implementation of deposit acceptance for the sale of the land fund of the V.LUNA project led by the Moon Land Fund Development Project Department belongs to VASA as an investor.

The V.LUNA project has an area of 1,331,212 km2, exactly equal to the territorial area and territorial waters of Vietnam with diverse terrains, with hills, high mountains, plains and many valleys. The management board is hiring experts to develop a master plan design, especially optimal, to learn from the existing planning issues on earth. The project management board also researches and develops policies to sell land according to civilized and objective principles, there is no “please give” regime, no “group benefits” regime to create a premise for building suitable cultural – civilized life in the universe.


When placing an order, customers fill out all information in the form issued by VASA, clearly stating the need to use the land to be arranged according to a suitable plan. Especially, customers must fully commit to complying with the criteria related to land use, environmental protection and cultural criteria suitable for the weightless life on the moon.

The starting price construction Management Board is as follows:

  • 400,000 VND (four hundred thousand VND) / acre of moon land in the valley
  • 500,000 VND (five hundred thousand VND) / acre of lunar land in the plains
  • 1,000,000 VND (one million VND) / hectare of moon land in low hills
  • 5,000,000 VND (five million VND) / acre of moon land in high mountains from 300m – 500m
  • 10,000,000 VND (ten million VND) / sample of moon land in the high mountains from 500m – 1000m
  • Do not sell land in areas over 1000m high, only used for public works and defense land for the protection of the moon.

This price can be adjusted annually according to the general land market situation on the moon.

On the occasion of March 8 this year, the Management Board of V.LUNA would like to introduce to customers who are interested in the program “Deposit to buy land on the moon” with preferential prices for themselves, relatives and friends. , etc. Details of the program are as follows:

  • Deposit rate:
  • 100,000 VND (one hundred thousand VND) / acre of land in the valley
  • VND 110,000 (one hundred and ten thousand VND) / acre in the plain area
  • Each purchase order for land on the moon includes the following documents:
  • Land certificate includes land location, land lot, latitude longitude location; you can choose to print or not to print the name of the owner on the certificate; All information is authenticated and information integrity protected using Blockchain technology.
  • Moon status map: marks the exact location of a soil sample on the moon according to longitude, latitude, and plot number location.
  • When there is no longer a need for ownership, the owner can transfer by himself at the agreed price, even if the price is set above a high and very high threshold; The Project Management Board is responsible for confirming the transfer transaction, assisting with the related transfer documents, confirming and protecting the interests of customers with a fee of 1% of the transfer price.
  • Since the limited land fund is reserved for the construction of many public facilities, the Management Board proposes that each individual is limited to a deposit to buy only one acre of land.
  • Note: In case that due to subjective reasons from VASA, the project cannot deploy, the Project Management Board commits to refund 100% of the deposit plus interest at the rate of commercial banks. Vietnamese trade for customers. However, if the project cannot be implemented due to objective and force majeure reasons such as impacts from interplanetary collisions, we hope that you will understand and take risks with VASA.


When issuing customer needs assessment polls, the V.LUNA Project Management Board received many different feedbacks, quote some typical comments:

“The project is so fuzzy”, “Tricking on the ground is not enough to lure each other on the moon and trick”, “That’s good, a new gamble”, “Maybe big win”, “It’s like a joke”, ” Good game “,” That’s the guy Cuoi project “,” A form of risky business “,” The price of a land acre is equal to a bowl of pho in the hotel, it’s too cheap “,” That’s good, there’s more story. to flirt with girls “,” Maybe winning a sock to get a diamond mine “,” Buying soil chips to grow clean vegetables “,” I will buy “,” Spending money to buy the lottery is even safer than putting silver in the universe ” , “Winning the number to buy Miss”, “Starting price 500,000 VND / acre, price to hand may be billions, is it terrible?”, Etc.


Half of the opinions in the customer poll were opposed to the project; 40% of the votes have no opinion; Only 10% of polls are both supportive, skeptical and confused. However, the Management Board of V.LUNA still confidently implements the project because it believes that out of 40% of customers who do not have an opinion, you may be thinking, researching and most likely with time there will be interested in the project.

In business textbooks, there is a subject “Game theory”. Anyone who is able to solve the problem well in “Game Theory” can have great success in the marketplace. There is an opinion that “The project is fuzzy” is also true, the Buddha has the saying “Cultivation must be self-enlightened”, the idea is that if you want to cultivate to become a Bodhisattva, Arhat, if you only teach everything to cultivators, maybe human beings. All of them became Tien, Buddhas or Bodhisattvas, Arhat, and who are the people?

There is an opinion mentioning the word “gamble”, this opinion is somewhat correct but not completely correct, if it is true, it may be a “super gamble” because now you deposit 100,000 VND, confirmed by VASA. and protection; A week later, someone was interested, wanted to buy, but at the end of the project deposit opening, V.LUNA temporarily closed the second phase, the demand for buyers to donate land to their relatives increased, you can offer to sell or transfer. If the “deposit right” is not a few hundred percent but a “high-order exponent”, isn’t this a “super gamble”?

There is an opinion saying “Winning a beauty queen”, this is also an interesting idea, for example, you deposit to buy an area above the average 305m, 307m are lucky numbers that in the planning, in the present lunar geography has such elevation zones; So you can order, get the certificate and name it your way and maybe the area is a mine of diamonds and gems. Then you can be very rich and the “buy beauty”, even “buy smart money” is completely possible.

Someone said “Cheat together on the moon”. Maybe you do not know, there are many exchanges in the world that open to sell moon land projects with successful transaction areas up to millions of acres of land. And the above opinion is completely not true of VASA. The Vietnam Aviation – Aerospace Association was sworn in the congress for the 2021 – 2025 term, all activities and services at VASA are non-profit, the profits are only for investment and funding for intellectual talents. young research and development of the country’s aerospace and aerospace career. Members of the VASA Board of Directors swear no salary, remuneration, absolute transparency and determination for the development of the Association.

For the V.LUNA project, the revenue from the land sample price is announced transparently. Those who love the moon can choose, in addition, the project will receive revenue from the 1% service fee transfer transactions. All are for developing projects and serving young generations who are passionate about space research.

There is also an opinion like “Story as a joke”, this is really not a joke. According to the publication of the US magazine, 7.5% of the lunar land has been sold, already owned, so it is perfectly appropriate to start the V.LUNA project at this time, if we delay we will lose muscle. festival. Just like the story of Bitcoin, a little while ago when it came to Bitcoin, to “dig” Bitcoin was a joke, now the virtual currency Bitcoin has become a recognized currency in international transactions, popular and effective. fruit. It is true that the V.LUNA project is only for those who are passionate about the universe, enjoy and want to experience life on the moon, a promised land, never polluted. Hope that place will bring you great happiness.

Hope you enjoy the project and understand our heart.

Best regards!

Note: VASA hopes to receive the positive comments of the intellectual community, the Vietnamese community at home and abroad for the project to be completed, creating more playgrounds for you. Information should be sent to the contacts on the website of the Association:

Hanoi, March 4, 2021.

TSKH. Nguyen Hoang Duong

Vice Project Director, V.LUNA