Hanoi Telecom x Hanoi Buffaloes representative for the capital health: Dynamic, Creative and Dedicated

Hanoi Telecom accompanies Hanoi Buffaloes with the desire to bring the best values ​​to Hanoi – the land of thousand years of civilization in particular, and Vietnam in general.

Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Company – Hanoi Telecom is the only fully licensed private telecommunications corporation with stable annual growth. Our company always expands cooperation and investment in modern technology to meet the needs of domestic and international customers. With the mission: “Becoming a leading enterprise in the National work towards a digitalized economy”, Hanoi Telecom corporation operates with more than 10 member units , focusing on 4 core areas: Telecommunications, Information Technology, Technical services and Solar energy, Logistics and Commerce.

With all the existing values ​​and good values ​​that are aiming, Hanoi Telecom actively participates in charity activities, social works, in order to promote and further develop the corporation responsibility with the community.

In those last months of 2021, Hanoi Telecom is also getting ready to complete the plans for the fourth quarter of 2021, as well as deploy and plan the operation strategy for 2022.

In which, It can be said that the activity of accompanying Hanoi Buffalo – the first professional basketball team in Hanoi, dedicating to a healthy and attractive sports tournament, as well as going further in activities for the community, which is “building Dream Hoops” in schools that are not yet eligible to form training ground.

Hanoi Telecom is honored and proud to be named Hanoi Capital – a city with more than four thousand years of civilization, the heart of the country and a place of national quintessence. Hanoi Buffalo is more and more empowered to be ready for the challenges ahead with the companion and support from Hanoi Telecom.