Inauguration and awarding ceremony of Chim Van Bac Yen Kindergarten (Son La)

On the morning of 22/11/2022, the People’s Committee of Chim Van commune in collaboration with Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Company organized the inauguration ceremony and awarded the golden bird school kitchen (Bac Yen – Son La). Attending the inauguration ceremony were representatives of Hanoi Telecom as the main sponsor of the project and school leaders, local government leaders attended.

The project of Chim Van semi-residential kitchen is started from 05/2022 with the main funding from Hanoi Telecom’s “Green Sail” Fund. The project has been completed with an area of 50m2, red brick floor, heat-resistant corrugated iron roof, aluminum doors; cement yard, total value of 100 million VND.

At the handover ceremony, the leader of Chim Van Primary School, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, thanked Hanoi Telecom’s “Green Sail” Fund and expressed his desire to continue receiving more attention to donate to support disadvantaged schools in the district, contributing to the development of the district’s education and training.

On this occasion, Hanoi Telecom also presented gifts to students at the school site and especially at the inauguration ceremony Hanoi Telecom also organized rice cooking for day students.

It is known that in the school year 2022 – 2023, Chim Van school has 601 students studying at the main school and individual schools, of which the central school has 163 boarding students. Therefore, the inauguration and handover of the project into use is a practical activity to help the semi-boarding students of Chim Van school have a sanitary kitchen, ensuring good health for learning.

“Internet and computers for you” – Nguyen Trai Secondary School (Hanoi)

On 19/11/202, the Ministry of Information and Communications in collaboration with Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Company organized the handover of 30 tablets to Nguyen Trai Secondary School, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Attending the program were Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung, Head of Education and Training Department of Ba Dinh District Mr. Le Duc Thuan, Party Secretary of Kim Ma Ward Mr. Luong Tuan Dung – along with representatives of the People’s Committee, Fatherland Front, socio-political unions of Kim Ma ward and representatives of Hanoi Telecom’s Board of Directors.

With a business philosophy associated with social responsibility and the view that “investing in education is investing in the future of the country”, Hanoi Telecom Joint Stock Company – Hanoi Telecom continues to accompany the implementation of the program “Waves and computers for children” at Nguyen Trai Secondary School, Ba Dinh, Hanoi and donated 30 tablets & 30 sim cards with high-speed internet connection to disadvantaged students.

In addition to supporting disadvantaged students with online learning devices and moving towards Internet coverage in areas where there is still no wave and improving wave quality, the program “Waves and computers for children” that Hanoi Telecom accompanies will contribute to the implementation of the application goal, develop science in education, improve people’s knowledge, expand social knowledge, contribute to the development of digital economy and digital society.

HTC 2nd Friday Learning Day: A Thanks to the meaningful class “The Art of Building Strong Relationships”

In harmony with the atmosphere of the charter of Vietnam Teachers’ Day on November 20, the course “The Art of Establishing Sustainable Relationships” was successfully held and officially closed on November 11, 2022 with the participation of a large number of students enough for employees of Hanoi Telecom.

With the skillful guidance of expert Dang Linh Chi, the participants of the course actively participated and gained useful knowledge in how to build and maintain strong relationships. The Training Center would like to send its sincere thanks and deep gratitude to lecturer Dang Linh Chi for participating in the program and sharing interesting and in-depth knowledge, thank you to all the students who participated in the program. Enthusiastic, positive and responsible course participants.

Your support and trust is the biggest source of motivation and success for the next courses to be born. That’s why the sincere feedback from you students can improve the quality of service in the upcoming courses.

Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the students who spent their valuable time attending the course “The Art of Building Strong Relationships”. Especially, thank you very much for the enthusiasm, enthusiasm and useful knowledge of lecturer Dang Linh Chi who devoted all her heart to this November class.

The course “The art of creating lasting relationships”

In order for life and work to go smoothly, the establishment of sustainable relationships plays an important role because it not only provides an effective working environment but also promotes a spirit of positive cooperation. Leading managers must build relationships with business partners, constantly developing networks to expand business activities. Employees need to build a good relationships with colleagues to work together…

However, to have a long-term and sustainable relationship requires you not only to have good communication skills but also to know how to develop a strong relationship in all aspects from work to life.

In the course “The art of creating lasting relationships” of HTC 2nd Friday learning day in November with the sharing of lecturer Dang Linh Chi, students will:

  • Understand the importance of building relationships at work
  • Possess a way to build and create new relationships
  • Practice ways to make an impression in your relationships with people
  • Build and develop as well as manage your relationships well with colleagues, friends and partners
  • The secret to connecting with anyone via social media

With useful knowledge, the course will help you own a successful map in the journey to conquer all relationships. So what are you waiting for, please hurry up and register for this great class to have the opportunity to create new lasting relationships.