“Internet and computers for you” – Dien Xa Comune – Nam Dinh

On October 26, 2022, the Department of Information and Communications in collaboration with Hanoi Telecom Corporation organized to give 30 tablets to Dien Xa Primary School, Dien Xa Commune, Nam Truc district, Nam Dinh province.

Comrade Vu Trong Que, TUV, Director of the Department of Information and Communications and representatives of the Department of Education and Training went to the school site to participate in the tablet awarding ceremony

This is an activity in the program “Internet and computers for you” implemented by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Education and Training in response to the Prime Minister’s launch from September 2021 with the aim of supporting assisting students with difficult circumstances to be equipped with computers, provide telecommunications services to participate in online learning and exploit knowledge resources on the Internet, to improve the quality and effectiveness of their studies. practice.

On behalf of Hanoi Telecom, Ms. Hoang Phuong Mai presented the logo of 30 tablets to the school principal

The representative of leaders of the Department of Information and Communications said that in order to promote effective digital transformation in education and training, speed up the progress of building a digital society and digital transformation in the province, in the coming time, the Department of Information and Communications. and TT continue to launch businesses, organizations, associations and mass organizations to join hands in implementing the “Smart School” program, supporting schools to apply digital technology platforms, optimizing solutions. management, administration, teaching methods, helping students access unlimited learning resources.

The school representative has a few words of thanks to the leaders of the Department of Information and Communications and Hanoi Telecom

Team Building congratulates Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20

In harmony with the exciting atmosphere and the relentless resistance spirit of the generation of mothers and sisters, HTC’s women have made great efforts to rise up in all activities, fields, and made many practical achievements.

With that noble sacred meaning, with the consensus of the leaders, Hanoi Telecom organized a “Team Building” program to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20.

In modern life, women no longer simply play the role of “housewife”, or “keep fire” in the family, they have confirmed their role, position, and ability in all fields of society.

In Hanoi Telecom, we believe that every woman has been and will always be a good example in work as well as in the family; Regardless of the position, the women fulfill their duties well and make an important contribution to sustainable development.

The “Team building” program to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day with many extremely attractive activities will take place on October 20, 2022 at Hoa Lac campus.

🎉 Hopefully we will have a fun and meaningful 20/10.

HTC 2nd Friday Learning Day: A Thanks to the meaningful class “Emotional intelligece”

The repercussions of the fourth class of the program “Communication Skills” with the topic “Emotional Intelligence” is expected to last until the end of October.

In the pure and sweet harvest, the learners shared with each other exciting stories, non-stop laughter… and above all, the connection, optimism, and positive energy that each of us has “gathered” after the class.

There is 01 class left before the 2022 Communication Skills training program ends, the Training Center will continue to offer attractive and functional courses to learners in the coming year.

Thank you Lecturer Dang Linh Chi, the learners, and the entire employees of Hanoi Telecom for participating enthusiastically and sharing in the lesson.

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The corse “Emotional management”

In life, we must learn to control our emotions – even positive emotions in some situations. Emotions are the factors that govern thoughts and behaviour.

Good emotional management will help you reduce stress during communication. Conflicts are resolved more harmoniously and constructively. Make decisions and solve tough problems more effectively.

Understanding and embracing your own emotions will help you express your thoughts to others. When you recognize your current emotions, you can control your emotions rationally, carefully consider your actions and words, and don’t make unfortunate mistakes. Good personal emotional management also helps you behave more properly and maintain good relationships.

EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT is also the subject of the HTC 2nd Friday learning day in October. It is also the fourth class in the Communication Skills program of 2022.

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