HTC 2nd Friday Learning Day: A Thanks to the production services workshop “Data center & cloud”

Last Friday, the second production services workshop organized by Hanoi Telecom Training Center was successful with the theme “Data center & Cloud”.

This class is hosted and guided by a Lecturer from HTC International Telecommunication JSC – Ms Tran San, Director of Business Center for Corporate Customers – Data Services Division.

Through the course, Lecturer shared the overview of Data center, production services Data center, and Cloud services. With 2 hours, the block of knowledge gained by the students is quite deep and wide, the Training Center hopes that the students will continue to research further and send us questions, comments to prepare more knowledge for the next session.

Thank you Lecturer Tran San from HTC-ITC, students and all employees of Hanoi Telecom for enthusiastically attending and sharing the lesson.

HTC 2nd Friday Learning is a periodic training program launched and organized by Hanoi Telecom Training Center. The program offers not only a helping hand to foster business culture, solidarity at work, employees’ skills, and expertise, but also a chance for all the staff of Hanoi Telecom’s member companies to be introduced with the best services with the most incentives from Hanoi Telecom’s member and affiliated companies.
Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the kitchen at Chim Van Commune Primary School

On 12/05/2022, the Blue Sail Club has completed the donation of the money to support Primary School at Chim Van Commune, Bac Yen District, Son La Province to build a kitchen for the pupils here.

This is really a great encouragement to the pupils and the teachers here.

The Blue Sail Club really desires to continue to join hands in the volunteer work of Hanoi Telecom Corporation, to spread and share love to more places.
Once again, we would like to thank the sponsors, the employees who have joined to support and follow the program.

Hanoi Telecom would like to express our sincere gratitude towards valued customers, partners and staff members in celebration of 21st anniversary

On the occasion of our 21st anniversary (2001 – 2022), Hanoi Telecommunications Joint Stock Company (Hanoi Telecom) would like to express our sincere thanks to all staff members who have been dedicating their youth and mind to the development of the company. We also would like to express our sincere gratitude to valued customers and partners for your interest in, cooperation with, commitment to and trust on Hanoi Telecom over the past two decades.

During our 21-year journey, Hanoi Telecom has experienced numerous ups and downs. However, with a development strategy based on the core value of “Creativity – Cooperation – Dedication”, Hanoi Telecom has been making remarkable efforts to become a prestigious brand trusted by many customers as it is at present. The company has also introduced a great number of solutions in Telecommunication, Information Technology; Engineering and Green Energy, Logistics and Trade. Hanoi Telecom is now among Top 10 leading enterprises in Vietnam, making huge contribution to the development of the country’s Telecommunications – Information Technology Industry. The company has also won a series of local and international awards in the field of ICT such as: ICT Telmin Asean Award, Top 10 Prestigious Technology Companies in 2021, Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021, Sao Khue Award, Vietnamese Talent Award,…

Hanoi Telecom Would Like To Express Our Sincere Gratitude Towards Valued Customers, Partners And Staff Members In Celebration Of 21st Anniversary

Besides our business activities, Hanoi Telecom is always well aware of our social responsibilities through various humanistic charitable activities. Our “Blue Sails” volunteer club has supported children and disadvantaged people in remote areas across the country with a series of projects such as: Donating 500 tablets under the program “Internet Coverage and Computers for Pupils” launched by the Prime Minister in 2021, supporting digital transformation in the remote communes of Bac Kan, Thai Binh and Ninh Binh provinces; launching “Lit Up The Light” project which helped build Cooc Cooc Kindergarten in Ha Giang, Con Se Primary School in Quang Binh and Chim Van Primary School’s canteen in Son La province.

Hanoi Telecom owes our success to the great dedication and contribution of all staff members as well as the companionship of valued customers and partners – the key elements to our sustainable and prosperous development. In time to come, the company will keep up the good work, building a united and solidarity team to work side by side and make great efforts to provide the best solutions to valued customers’ problems Once again, Hanoi Telecom would like to wish all staff members and valued customers great health, happiness and success!