Primary school at Chim Van commnue – Son La province, opening the series of activities LIT UP THE LIGHT 2022 of Hanoi Telecom

HTC Corporate Social Responsibility Club successfully organized and built the school-class donation for Ha Giang and Quang Binh two years ago.
In 2022, we found a school in the Son La Mountainy area. It is the primary school at Chim Van commune, Bac Yen District, that has 157 pupils learning here. As the population density here is quite low, opening school here would be a very meaningful project, while it is really hard to go to school, pupils must go by boat along the Da River and walk on the soil path to get to school.

Although the class have been reformed now, but the school is still difficult, because the canteen is a temporary area, the facilities for the presence of the residence for the children to study all day is impossible, especially with the desire to receive more than 30 students in the coming school year.

HTC Corporate Social Responsibility Club is ready for the advance trip in the last week of March to assess the place and prepare for the construction of the school canteen, and donate spiritual gifts to the children.

The club is looking forward to HTCer to share with us, sharing the love, holding hands together to prolong the road to school – the road of knowledge of the future generation.

A hand-held arm will be a brick contributing to the ray hope!

01 small milk box, 1 new notebook, a textbook that wrapped back, an old backpack with stickers, a shirt is still white, a casual trousers, and maybe a lunch… A little thing left to light up the dream of the children, send the heart of love and sharing to wizard the dream to study, to prolong the road to school of students in Vietnam – to enrich the country by giving love 💙

HTC Star 2022
HTC STAR is officially back.
Let’s nominate, self-nominate to be recognized for the good actions, good results achieved by the Corporation’s employees for the first quarter of 2022!
  1. Purpose:
    • Strengthening the recognition and recognition of the Corporation’s companionship with employees of Subsidiaries/Associated Companies.
    • Promote employees to actively and regularly demonstrate the value of Cooperation – Dedication in work and life.
    • Encourage employees to act for the community.
  2. Subjects: Individuals are employees of Hanoi Telecom Corporation.
  1. Content: Find people with the most outstanding actions, results, and abilities to praise and set an example.
    • Achievements in work: best seller, received letters of thanks/compliments from customers, initiative to be applied with positive results, record in operations…
    • Contributing to the community: good people, good deeds.
  2. Rewards from Hanoi Telecom:
    • Communication: presence on internal newsletter, website, fanpage facebook… company.
    • Certificate of Leadership.
    • Became a candidate of HTC STAR 2022, Considering the title of individual competition at the end of the year.
    • Cash reward: 500,000VND/person/time.
  3. Form:
    • Self-nomination or Referral from colleagues, company at any time.
    • Content of nomination/introduction:
    • Personal information: full name, date of birth, title, unit, portrait photo.
    • Description of outstanding actions, results, and competencies: the more specific and clear the better.
    • Send to email: [email protected]
    • Review period: Quarterly / every 3 months (ie September 25th and December 25th for 2021).
    • Sign in form: HERE
MiniGame HTC Charming

♥ MINIGAME running to 21 years old of HTC – HTC CHARMING ♥

Half of the world is woman…
What is half the world in the other half’s eyes and in your own eyes?
👉🏻 Gentle girl or energetic girl
👉🏻 Elegant female co-worker or personality “female leader”
👉🏻 A female partner always on the right plan or “sister” general manager is always adequate
👉🏻 A lovely young wife or a new grown up daughter who live healthy
The women around you are “beautiful” both in shape and soul. Let’s share with us the Beautiful Moments of your female  friends, your female colleagues, and of your own.
Beauty is not only kept in the eyes but to spread positive energy – beauty in life around us.
How to participate:
Step 1 – Like HTC fanpage:
Step 2 – Like + share post in public mode
Step 3 – Comment 1 x the picture “HTC CHARMING” with the your thoughts in this post.
Grading rule for valid participants:
50% of BTC’s votes and 50% of interaction:
+ 1 like = 1 point
+ 1 comment = 2 points
+ 1 share = 3 points
Time of minigame: From 02/03/2020 to the end of 12/03/2020.
*Minigame only for employees working in Hanoi Telecom and members units.