Hanoi Telecom Organizes Year-End Event with the Theme “Dare to Change”

On the morning of January 30, 2024, Hanoi Telecom Group successfully organized the YEP event with the theme “Dare to Change” in a warm, cheerful, meaningful, and highly creative atmosphere, marking a year of success and readiness to face new challenges.

The Year End Party is not only a place to evaluate the achievements of the past year, but also an opportunity for the leadership and all employees to set new goals, challenge themselves, and motivate for new steps in the future in the upcoming year.

With the theme “Dare to Change,” the event attracted the participation of nearly 200 employees from various member units, regions, and departments of the Group. At the closing session, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Associate Professor Pham Ngoc Lang, shared about new trends, challenges, and opportunities that the company aims to pursue in the coming year.

The Year End Party is the occasion for the Group to honor outstanding teams and individuals in 2023 and share memorable moments, successful stories to enhance cohesion in the new year of 2024.

“We believe that, with innovation and perseverance in action, we can overcome any challenge and create miracles,” – a representative from the Hanoi Telecom leadership shared.

The year-end event with the theme “Dare to Change” was a great success, leaving many impressions and motivation for all employees of Hanoi Telecom in a new journey full of challenges and opportunities.

Wisteria – Bringing Wonderful Nature Experience to City Dwellers

In today’s modern life, when the hustle and bustle of urban living can become overwhelming, seeking moments of peace and closeness to nature has become a necessity. Wisteria, with its mission to bring sophisticated and profound nature experiences to city dwellers, has become an ideal destination.

Immerse Yourself in Green Space

Wisteria is a natural area created to provide city dwellers with an opportunity to escape the noise and chaos of daily life. With activities such as camping, outdoor excursions, and traditional games, Wisteria creates a cool, refreshing space, a refuge amidst the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Experience with Family and Friends

Wisteria is not only a place for private relaxation but also an ideal destination for families and groups of friends who want to enjoy special moments together. Activities like outdoor camping, exploration, and admiring the beauty of nature create unforgettable memories and bonds.

A Meaningful and Authentic Experience

With a commitment to providing meaningful and authentic experiences for busy city dwellers who may not have time to venture far but are tired of the urban hustle and bustle, Wisteria, along with its professional and diverse services, becomes a popular destination for those seeking tranquility and a close connection to nature amidst the rush of the city. At Wisteria, you will find a memorable experience and unforgettable moments with family and friends.

If you are looking for a place to relax, explore, and enjoy moments with family and friends, visit Wisteria today. Bringing wonderful and profound nature experiences to city dwellers, Wisteria is a destination not to be missed on your list.

Hanoi Telecom organized the event “Pack Love – Cultivate Happiness.”

In a bid to spread joy and contribute to a meaningful Tet for children in the highlands, on January 20, 2024, Hanoi Telecom, in collaboration with the Green Sail Fund, organized the “Pack Love – Cultivate Happiness” workshop at Hoa Lac, attracting the participation of hundreds of people.

Beyond providing an experience in making traditional cakes, the workshop also transformed into a vibrant countryside fair, fostering community bonds and leaving beautiful impressions on everyone. The event organizer, Wisteria, alongside Hanoi Telecom, created a space for packing chung cakes akin to an artistic festival. Each cake was delicately handled, from selecting banana leaves to layering each filling and leaf. Engaging in this activity allowed participants not only to experience traditional cultural elements but also to unleash their creativity.

Going beyond cake packing, the event also hosted a distinctive countryside fair. Various stalls showcased a range of local products, from handicrafts and regional specialties to organic produce. Families participating in the event had the opportunity to experience the joyous and cozy atmosphere of a traditional countryside market.

This event wasn’t just about entertainment but also provided a platform for individuals and organizations to express their social responsibility. Hanoi Telecom and the Green Sail Fund demonstrated their commitment to the community, creating a space for people to connect, share, and collectively build positive values for society.

The “Pack Love – Cultivate Happiness” workshop was more than just an immersion in the traditional Tet atmosphere; it represented a meaningful step by Hanoi Telecom and Wisteria in fostering teamwork spirit, community cohesion, and creating positive values for society.

Hanoi Telecom – 23 Years of Remarkable Transformation

In the span of 23 years, Hanoi Telecom has evolved from being a telecommunications service provider to becoming an outstanding representative of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry in Vietnam. The continuous adaptation in technology, services, and business models has solidified the group’s reputation.

Hanoi Telecom ceaselessly innovates, expands services, and envisions the Vietnamese ICT industry from an international perspective. The group has demonstrated its commitment not only in telecommunications but also in various fields such as information technology, cybersecurity, green energy, and technology education.

Hanoi Telecom, in its 23-year journey of growth, is not only a shining star in Vietnam’s telecommunications industry but also an esteemed symbol in the broader ICT sector. The organization has constantly transformed and innovated to meet the diverse and ever-changing demands of the market.

The genesis of Hanoi Telecom was not only fueled by passion and strong determination but also by the ambition to become a diversified conglomerate, bringing technology and telecommunications to the masses. Commencing with ambitious goals and prospects, we have tirelessly strived to shape a future where technology is not just a utility but also a source of motivation—a force propelling the comprehensive development of society.

Our vision extends beyond Vietnam; we aim to be an all-encompassing global partner, delivering value and positive impact to the global community. Each new day presents an opportunity for us to not only commemorate the past but also seek new possibilities, confront challenges, and steadfastly tread on the path of development.

Hanoi Telecom’s journey goes beyond telecommunications; it encompasses a multidisciplinary expansion. We continually innovate to meet the diverse needs of our customers—ranging from information technology and cybersecurity to green energy and technology education. Presently, Hanoi Telecom has ventured into the realm of media and entertainment with the Wisteria brand, underscoring our commitment to innovation and exploration of new opportunities, offering unique experiences to our customers.

With unwavering determination and passion, Hanoi Telecom envisions a future where technology is not merely a utility but a motivational force, propelling comprehensive societal development. Each new day is an opportunity for us to not only commemorate the past but also seek new opportunities, confront challenges, and steadfastly tread on the path of development.

Internal news number 32 | December 2023

December concludes a year of numerous activities embodying the “Activate Yourself” spirit of Hanoi Telecom employees. The new year of 2024 is ready for the Group to break through in the spirit of “Dare to change.” Let’s take a look back at these wonderful moments with the December Newslette of Hanoi Telecom.

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