Hanoi Telecom Continues to Receive Accolades at Thang Long Cup

On the evening of December 17, 2023, the Corporate Culture Honoring Ceremony took place, witnessing the triumph of Hanoi Telecom as it consecutively received the “Excellent Enterprise Flag” and the “Commendation for Business Executives.” This marks an unforgettable milestone for Hanoi Telecom, being recognized for outstanding achievements for two consecutive years.

Ms. Nguyen Hien Phuong, Deputy General Director of Hanoi Telecom, proudly receiving the commendation for business executives.

The diversified conglomerate incessantly innovates, advancing its spectrum of service provision

As a major private telecommunications corporation in Vietnam with a charter capital of up to VND 1,600 billion, Hanoi Telecom has continuously innovated and expanded its business activities for nearly 25 years. Starting from the telecommunications foundation, the corporation has diversified into various sectors, including information technology with services such as network security, Big Data, iCloud, green energy, technology education, and most recently, the entertainment and communication sector named Wisteria.

Hanoi Telecom has demonstrated its excellent capabilities in developing and providing leading-edge technology services. From communication solutions to information technology solutions, Hanoi Telecom not only meets but also surpasses customer expectations. Innovation and a spirit of constant improvement have helped the corporation quickly adapt to the increasingly complex challenges of the market.

Hanoi Telecom receiving the commendation from the Hanoi People’s Committee.

Emphasizing service quality and efficiency, Hanoi Telecom not only creates breakthrough products but also ensures that every customer has the best experience. Special attention to capturing new technological trends and applying them to work processes has positioned Hanoi Telecom in an irreplaceable position in the information and communication industry.

Leading in Community Activities

In addition to focusing on business development, Hanoi Telecom also aims for sustainable development in line with the 17 UN standards. Community activities are always a priority, with social projects focusing not only on education and skill development but also on urgent issues such as environmental protection and minimizing the negative impacts of industry on daily life.

These efforts have helped Hanoi Telecom become a reliable partner not only in the industry but also in building a sustainable community. The continuous commendations at Thang Long Cup 2023 also recognize Hanoi Telecom’s efforts in actively building a strong and sustainable community.

Representatives of Hanoi Telecom receiving the Excellent Enterprise Flag.

Looking Towards a Bright Future

With relentless enthusiasm and continuous dedication, Hanoi Telecom has proven its strength at the Thang Long Cup 2023 Businessmen and Enterprises Honoring Ceremony. The commendations are not only personal pride but also motivation to continue the journey of development and contribute to the prosperity of both the community and the industry. Thang Long Cup 2023 is a turning point, and Hanoi Telecom has chosen an unstoppable path—a path that is firm and promises many successes in the future. Ms. Nguyen Hien Phuong, Deputy General Director, also shared, “We will continue to uphold the spirit of solidarity, cooperation, and continuously innovate the corporate governance model, corporate culture to actively align with regional and international standards; improve product quality to meet the standards and regulations of the region and advanced countries, integrating our products more deeply into the global supply chain.

Internal news number 31 | November 2023

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Hanoi Telecom.