HTC Star commendation program

In order to raise the morale and encourage employees to contribute to the development of the collective, the company and the community, the Board of Directors of Hanoi Telecom officially approved the HTC Star Commendation Program, specifically as follows:

  1. Purpose:
    • Strengthening the recognition and recognition of the Corporation’s companionship with employees of Subsidiaries/Associated Companies.
    • Promote employees to actively and regularly demonstrate the value of Cooperation – Dedication in work and life.
    • Encourage employees to act for the community.
  2. Subjects: Individuals are employees of Hanoi Telecom Corporation.
  1. Content: Find people with the most outstanding actions, results, and abilities to praise and set an example.
    • Achievements in work: best seller, received letters of thanks / compliments from customers, initiative to be applied with positive results, record in operations…
    • Contributing to the community: good people, good deeds.
  1. Rewards from Hanoi Telecom:
    • Communication: presence on internal newsletter, website, fanpage facebook… company.
    • Certificate of Leadership.
    • Became a candidate of: HTC Talent Pool, Considering the title of individual competition at the end of the year.
    • Cash reward: 500,000VND/person/time.
  2. Form:
    • Self-nomination or Referral from colleagues, company at any time.
    • Content of nomination/introduction:
    • Personal information: full name, date of birth, title, unit, portrait photo.
    • Description of outstanding actions, results, and competencies: the more specific and clear the better.
    • Send to email: [email protected]
    • Review period: Quarterly / every 3 months (ie September 25th and December 25th for 2021).
    • Sign in form: HERE