Internal news number 36 | April 2024

Ending April with a variety of meaningful activities and positive acts of kindness by the entire staff. Let’s look back at these wonderful moments through with the March Newsletter of Hanoi Telecom Group.

Hanoi Telecom.

Hanoi Telecom: The Spiritual Beauty in Blood Donation Activities

On the afternoon of April 9, 2024, at the Central Hematology Institute, Hanoi Telecom Group collaborated with the institute to organize the Blood Donation Day event. This is an annual activity maintained by Hanoi Telecom with the motto “Every drop of blood donated – A life saved.”

With the spirit of “You don’t have to do great things to change the world, just a little bit of heart and will, to spread joy and hope to those around you,” Hanoi Telecom’s employees together contributed their small but meaningful part to the mission of saving lives, bringing hope and new opportunities for those in need. Each drop of blood donated is not only an act of charity but also a sharing of love and hope.

Blood donation is not only a humanitarian act but also an opportunity for everyone to share feelings and contribute to saving lives. This is truly a meaningful activity to spread the spirit of responsibility and compassion to the community of Hanoi Telecom Group.

Through this activity, Hanoi Telecom Group hopes to convey a message about the spirit of solidarity and social responsibility of each individual. It is not only a multi-sectoral organization but also a part of the community, with the responsibility and role of actively contributing to the development and peace of society. This is also evidence of the commitment of the Leadership Board to accompany the building of a civilized and humane society.

Hanoi Telecom Cross Sale: Connecting Member Units

On March 28, 2024, at the Hanoi Telecom office in Hoa Lac, the company successfully organized the Cross Sale event with the participation of its member units such as HTE, HITC, VNCS, ICOMM, VRTECH, Wisteria, Tekmonk, Vietnamobile, and NMS. This event was not only an opportunity for the member units to showcase their products and services but also a chance to demonstrate the strength and collaboration of the entire ecosystem of Hanoi Telecom.


The event served as a platform for the member companies to introduce their products and services while fostering close cooperation with each other. Through learning about and showcasing their offerings, the member companies had the opportunity to enhance their understanding of one another and seek future collaboration opportunities.

Moreover, the event facilitated the fostering of camaraderie among the member companies within the conglomerate. Employees from different companies had the chance to meet, exchange experiences, and learn from each other, thereby promoting cooperation and mutual development.

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Bich, Head of Business Department at NMS – a member company of Hanoi Telecom, shared her thoughts: “The Cross Sale event was not only a product showcase but also an opportunity to create a collaborative environment and solidarity among our member companies. We are delighted with the success of this event and hope for many positive cooperation opportunities in the future.

The Cross Sale event at Hoa Lac has demonstrated the strength and potential of Hanoi Telecom’s business ecosystem, while also showcasing the company’s commitment to creating a collaborative and sustainable development environment.

Internal news number 35 | March 2024

Hanoi Telecom Group has had a remarkable and meaningful March with various activities such as environmental initiatives, charity work to build schools in mountainous areas, and organizing Cross Sale to enhance the connection among member units… Let’s look back at these wonderful moments together with the March Newsletter of Hanoi Telecom Group.

Hanoi Telecom.

Internal news number 34 | February 2024

Launching into a new year with numerous meaningful activities, Hanoi Telecom Corporation has engaged in a series of events such as New Year celebrations, Lunar New Year wishes to various units, and tree-planting excursions in Bac Kan province. Let’s reflect on these wonderful moments together with Hanoi Telecom‘s special  Newsletter. 

Hanoi Telecom.

Hanoi Telecom Group Celebrates Vibrant Spring Opening 2024

On the morning of February 15th, 2024 – Amidst the joyful atmosphere of the first day of the new year, Hanoi Telecom Group organized the Spring Opening Event 2024 with the spirit of “Dare to Change,” preparing for a promising year ahead filled with successes and new opportunities.

The event attracted the attention of a large number of officers and employees from various member units of the Group. Through the Zoom platform, everyone had the opportunity to meet, chat, and exchange Tet greetings directly and intimately, creating a joyful and warm atmosphere despite the distance between them.

One of the special activities at the event was the “Write Your Wishes on Peach Blossom Petals” program. This was an opportunity for each person to express their wishes, aspirations, and goals for the new year on peach blossom-shaped cards, then hang them on the wish tree. This action not only expressed hopes and expectations for a beautiful new year but also created a space to preserve the dreams and aspirations of each individual.

The Spring Opening is not only a time for the Group to welcome the new year but also an opportunity to create connections, foster unity, and demonstrate the spirit of solidarity among all employees; it is a significant milestone, marking the beginning of a promising and successful new journey.

With a spirit of creativity, innovation, and listening, Hanoi Telecom Group is committed to continuing to accompany the community and providing the most convenient solutions and services for everyone in the new year and the years to come.

Internal news number 33 | January 2024

Injecting the spirit of “Dare to change” into the new journey, Hanoi Telecom Group has ignited with numerous remarkable activities in January 2024. The series of YEP events and the traditional “bánh chưng” package have brought many emotions to all employees. Let’s review these wonderful moments together with Hanoi Telecom‘s special  Newsletter. 

Hanoi Telecom.

Hanoi Telecom Organizes Year-End Event with the Theme “Dare to Change”

On the morning of January 30, 2024, Hanoi Telecom Group successfully organized the YEP event with the theme “Dare to Change” in a warm, cheerful, meaningful, and highly creative atmosphere, marking a year of success and readiness to face new challenges.

The Year End Party is not only a place to evaluate the achievements of the past year, but also an opportunity for the leadership and all employees to set new goals, challenge themselves, and motivate for new steps in the future in the upcoming year.

With the theme “Dare to Change,” the event attracted the participation of nearly 200 employees from various member units, regions, and departments of the Group. At the closing session, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Associate Professor Pham Ngoc Lang, shared about new trends, challenges, and opportunities that the company aims to pursue in the coming year.

The Year End Party is the occasion for the Group to honor outstanding teams and individuals in 2023 and share memorable moments, successful stories to enhance cohesion in the new year of 2024.

“We believe that, with innovation and perseverance in action, we can overcome any challenge and create miracles,” – a representative from the Hanoi Telecom leadership shared.

The year-end event with the theme “Dare to Change” was a great success, leaving many impressions and motivation for all employees of Hanoi Telecom in a new journey full of challenges and opportunities.