HTC 2nd Friday Learning day: A Thank to the meaningful workshop “Children get better, parents get money “

The workshop “Children get better, Parents get more money” was successfully held by Hanoi Telecom Training Center recently.

The workshop attracted numerous speakers from Tekmonk Information Technology Institute and Next Generation Mobile Services,. JSC (NMS), distinguished guests and all staff members of Hanoi Telecom. At the workshop, a variety of valuable knowledge was shared by speakers to help parents better understand the very ways of teaching, and learning for children in industrial era 4.0. Besides, educational services developed on the modern technology platforms of Tekmonk and NMS were also introduced, giving parents and students the chance to come into contact with newly-developed educational technology services.

We would like to offer a special thank you to all the speakers, guests and staff members of Hanoi Telecom for your full attendance and sharing of valuable knowledge.

Workshop “Children get better, Parents get more money” was successfully held with the full attendance of Hanoi Telecom staff members.

HTC 2nd Friday Learning is a periodic training program launched and organized by Hanoi Telecom Training Center. The program offers not only a helping hand to foster business culture, solidarity at work, employees’ skills, and expertise, but also a chance for all the staff of Hanoi Telecom’s member companies to be introduced with the best services with the most incentives from Hanoi Telecom’s member and affiliated companies.