Funding 100 million VND supporting the lit up the light program – expanding the road to school of highland children

In order to spread the tradition of the solidarity, the Green Sail Canh Sail Volunteer Club – Hanoi Telecommunication Joint Stock Company – Hanoi Telecom launched the LIT UP THE LIGHT program to help elementary school students in the commune. Chim Van, Son La province, having a full meal in a more spacious kitchen.

Because the school is dozens of kilometers away from home, many students at Chim Van primary school, Bac Yen district, Son La province have to stay at school for lunch in order to continue studying in the afternoon. Some children eat snacks for lunch, some skip the lunch due to difficult circumstances, affecting their health… Besides, because it is a highland school, the facilities are still limited,the rest and dining area of students are only makeshift and scarce in every way.

Looking at the innocent eyes of the children, it seems that they are used to suffering. However, it is those innocence touching our hearts – adults. There is a saying that “If you hold a grain of rice in your hand, if you keep holding it, the grain is still just a grain of rice. But if you plant a grain of rice in the ground, and you fertilize it, you will have a rice season.”

We Blue Sails Volunteer Club wish to issue a call for individuals, organizations and benefactors to give a helping hand in encouraging the pupils of Chim Van Primary School to continue their learning journey

With just reducing of drinking a few small cups of coffee, benefactors are able to contribute to sowing the ‘rice season’ for students at Chim Van Commune Primary School. Each of your contributions is a valuable brick to help children learn and live in a better environment.

Green Sail Volunteer Club – Hanoi Telecommunication Joint Stock Company – Hanoi Telecom calls on employees and benefactors with empathy, love and responsibility depending on their ability, to actively participate in contributing, joining hands to help Chim Van primary school’s students to have a more spacious and hygienic kitchen through the program: LIT UP THE LIGHT – EXPAND THE ROAD TO SCHOOL OF HIGHLAND CHILDREN.

We are committed to using the fund and supported resources eiffiicently and with the right purposes Thanks to donations from well-wishers, the program has now raised 37,000,000 VND and continues to receive more donations. All of your support will help the journey of poor children in the highlands of Son La province less arduous.

Donors may transfer donations to the following account: Account number: 03186010112115 | Nguyen Thi Yen | Maritime Bank.

Lit up the lights: An update on the fundraising campaign aimed at building kitchen at Chim Van commune primary school

Since the launching of 100 million VND fundraising campaign aimed at building a kitchen for pupils at Chim Van Commune Primary School, there has been a rising number of benefactors who has given a helping hand. By 17/04/2022, Blue Sails Volunteer Club has received 75.569.609 VND in donations, nearly reaching our target.

An update on the fundraising campaign aimed at building kitchen at Chim Van primary school

The kitchen is timetabled to be built soon. We would highly appreciate any of your further donations, so that our volunteers will have a chance to give them to the school representatives in person on time. Hopefully, such a generous gift from benefactors will to some extent help to solve the pupils difficulties. Any of your help will spark those pupils’ hope for their journey to literary.

Thank you very much!