Dear friends! Perhaps both you and I want to lead a healthy lifestyle and work in a green, clean and well-ventilated space. So let’s “refurbish” our working space and do exercises at Hanoi Telecom this 27/04/2022.

As a way to continue the meaningful activity of doing physical exercises at 8:00 A.M and launch HTC annual green day, let’s:
– Stand up and do exercises together for the best of your everyday physical and mental health.
– Take care of your working space from now on to make it a neat, clean and inspiring place.
– Decorate your working space with a tree pot and some pictures of you and your co-workers to foster creativity and personal development.
– Keep shared spaces such as meeting room, canteen, corridors,… clean and fresh, as these are the places where you set foot in every day.

HTC Green – Go green, live healthily at work.

Everyone wishes to work in a professinal, clean and green working space, and only when working in such environment will our perfomance and career prospects be fostered. Let’s give a helping hand to develop a green working space at Hanoi Telecom to be healthy and happy like in our own home.